‘Vikings’ Season 4 to Focus on the Northmen’s Settlement Pact with King Ecbert, More Details

The upcoming fourth season of the historical TV drama series “Vikings” will focus on the storyline about the Northmen’s settlement pact with King Ecbert.

This was confirmed no less by series writer Michael Hirst, who said that there is likely the possibility that Season 4 will tackle the Wessex settlement issue, notes the Christian Post.

It can be recalled that the settlement issue was ruined when the English monarch decided to annihilate the Norse people who chose to remain and cultivate the land that was given to them.

In a recent interview with a US magazine, Hirst said that Ecbert, played by Linus Roache, is one of his favorite characters in the TV series, and the actor is also one of his favorite actors. He believes that Roache brings a lot to the show.

Hirst said that he wants to build on that premise to work on the unfinished business element in the hit “Vikings” TV series. He disclosed that it has always been on Ragnar’s mind that one day he’s going to go back and try to settle it for good, averring that someone has to pay for the destruction of the settlement.

An important child

Fans of the show would surely recall the intimate moment between King Ragnar and Queen Kwenthrith during their time in England. Upon his return, King Ragnar may also found out that he has a son with the queen. But the brave warrior king might doubt the legitimacy of her claims regarding their son.

Hirst said that the child will be an important child in the series. The skepticism about him was justified. The series writer also hints of a likely showdown between brothers Ragnar and Rollo which would be an anticipated fare for Season 4 of “Vikings.”

There is also a final reckoning with between the brothers on a much bigger scale than the first time around. Season 4 of “Vikings” is slated to return to the History Channel in 2016.

Best season

The 10 episodes of Season 3 of the Canadian-Irish historical drama TV series “Vikings” had its run from February 19 culminating in an epic series finale on April 23 that had many of its fans practically begging for more with some of them can hardly contain their excitement for the fourth season of the show.

Given the intensity and grandeur of its epic battles, Season 3 of “Vikings” is arguably the best season to date of the TV series.

“Vikings” is one of those rare TV series that has improved season after season which is good for the fans on the TV show that airs on the History Channel.


The TV series comes off really strong when it capitalizes on its location and story but it is weakest when it dwells more over crucial character moments and plot.

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