‘Vikings’ Season 4 to Continue Raiding the Hearts of Both Viewers and Critics Even with the Impending Departure of Travis Fimmel!

Actor Travis Fimmel, playing the role of King Ragnar Lothbrok of Kattegat, is one of the major reasons why the historical drama TV series “Vikings” on the History Channel is doing excellently well in viewership and ratings.

When Season 4 of the TV show returns, reports have it that Fimmel’s character will be killed off to serve as the actor’s graceful exit from the series as he focuses more on acting on the big screen. Fimmel will be starring in the movie “Warcraft” and he felt that it was time for him to take his act to the movies and not focus on the small screen.

Despite the impending departure of Travis Fimmel from the show, showrunner Michael Hirst is confident that the remainder of the cast would be able to hold on to the gripping storyline of “Vikings” in its upcoming fourth season.

History Channel general manager Dick Hoogstra also expressed his optimism on the future of the show, considering that “Vikings” is one of the most lucrative and anticipated projects in the network, details Venture Capital Post.

The network boss said that he believes that “Vikings” will continue to raid the hearts of both viewers and critics even with the departure of Fimmel because the TV series has established itself as one of the most compelling and visually stunning dramas on television today.

The saga of the Nordic people

“Vikings” is actually inspired by the sagas of the Nordic people led by King Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the best-known mythological Norse heroes, notorious for being the scourge of England and France, details When Will Net.

Ragnar was actually a former farmer who evolved to become a king when he successfully raided England with the support of his family and fellow warriors.

The Irish-Canadian co-production is being filmed in Ireland.

Indicative of the success of the TV series, Zenescope partnered with the History Channel to create a free “Vikings” comic book based on the TV show, which was first distributed during the ComicCon 2013.

The comic book was written by Michael Hirst himself, lending credence to its authenticity and congruity with the TV series.

Shifting of focus

With the plans of Fimmel to go into movies already out in the open, “Vikings” showrunner Michael Hirst said that Season 4 will see a shifting of focus on the Vikings.

Instead of concentrating heavily on King Ragnar Lothbrok and his adventures, the upcoming Season 4 will focus on Ragnar’s sons, particularly Bjorn, played by Alexander Ludwig.

Hirst explained that during the Season 3 finale, Ragnar was not only sick but he was actually hovering between life and death. He said that they are now working on how Ragnar will make his graceful exit from the show to soften the impact of his loss among fans and viewers of the TV series.

For sure, audiences will be greatly devastated if Travis Fimmel and his character Ragnar will leave the show through death considering how great and charismatic his character is and how magnificent the role has become in the course of three seasons.

The show’s possible redemptions, if ever, are Ragnar’s sons. The showrunner and the producers are hoping that if and when Travis Fimmel goes out for good of “Vikings,” the viewers will continue to be engaged and follow the stories of his sons, particularly Bjorn.

In addition to Bjorn, another possible successor to Ragnar Lothbrok, is his brother King Rognvaldsson Rollo, played by Clive Standen.

But since Bjorn hates his uncle to the guts, it is possible that he and Rollo may have to fight it out themselves to determine who will be the next leader of the Vikings.


Rollo, however, has plenty of things running on his mind right now, and he has no plans of becoming the leader of the Vikings so it is likely that the next leader of Kattegat is Bjorn.

There are reports that Bjorn will actually rally his men against Rollo who has betrayed the Vikings by siding with France and King Charles in exchange for the promise of land, riches, and marriage to Charles’ daughter.


  1. Ragnar is supposed to die based on the Nordic Legends. Ragnar is to be captured by King AElla of North Umbria and is executed by the pit of snakes. Later, Bjorn and his brothers get revenge by raising “The Great Heathen Army”, attacking AElla, capturing him, and executing him via “The Blood Eagle”.

  2. Rollo, to clarify, was not a king. He was the first of the line that established Normandy as a duchy. Certainly a powerful position, but not kingship.

  3. While I will miss Travis, I am glad Ragnar is dying, as it matches the historical record in the Sagas. I don’t mind some Hollywood liberty nowadays, but the idea of Aella capturing Ragnar and then the Great Heathen Army in AngleLand (England, the land of the Angles), matches history.

    Honestly, this history is already entertaining, you don’t have to change history much at all (if at all) to tell this great story. (This being said, I am very disappointed Alfred is presented as a bastard son of a princess and a priest, not at all historical, and in Alfred’s day such a man would never have been called “the great” much less ruled in a christian land).

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