Vikings Season 4 Has Fans Worried with the Departure of King Ragnar, How Will the Show Continue? Let’s See

One of the popular theories right now is that Travis Fimmel may want to focus on “Warcraft”, as it looks like it’s going to be a very promising production with a lot of potential to bring him up in his career even more than the situation he’s currently in.

“Vikings” is a popular show too, but “Warcraft” is on an entirely different level when it comes to popularity with the crowds, so it could make sense that the actor may want to focus on these films instead of continuing his work on “Vikings”.

Plus, as we said above, it’s perfectly possible that we may still see him coming back after his work on “Warcraft” is done, and then it would actually be an even more interesting event, instead of taking him out for just a couple of episodes in order to tease the fans.

In the next few months, we’re going to find out whether or not King Ragnar is staying on the show or not, and if not, we will likely also get some additional details about how his role is going to be handled and what the producers are planning for him and his departure. In any case, we expect the actual event of his character leaving the show to be kept a secret until the end.

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