Vikings Season 4 Death of King Ragnar is Graceful Exit to Actor Travis Fimmel!

There are reports that Bjorn will actually rally his men against Rollo who has betrayed the Vikings by siding with France and King Charles in exchange for the promise of land, riches, and marriage to Charles’ daughter.

However, before King Ragnar finally bids his adieu on “Vikings,” he is expected to meet a new love in the upcoming season, which rumors say would by Yidu, played by Chinese actress Dianne Doan.

Bjorn is quickly turning into a leader in his own right and the prince of the Vikings will exercise his newfound power when he comes face to face with his uncle Rollo.

In an interview in July, Ludwig said that he was unsure exactly what revenge his character would perpetrate against his traitor uncle. What he knows is that when Bjorn explodes, there will be no compassion at all for Rollo.

The actor said that Bjorn is so straight-edge in that when he makes a decision, he sticks to it.

It is not just King Ragnar and King Rollo who will have their share of sibling rivalry in Season 4 of “Vikings.” Apparently, Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons will also fight among themselves on who shall sit as King of Denmark after the possible death of their father.


    1. The thing you don’t understand is that “History” in some way or form is always incorrect when it comes accuracy of past events. This is due to either personal bias and the fact that our memories fade – and thus the historians who captured history always give distort reality, either consciously or subconsciously. Either way, Ragnar’s “historic” story is actually based of series of myths and writings in poetry – he could’ve been a metaphor for “great warrior” for all we know. What the History Channel is doing is that they are giving their own “interpretation” of his death, which in a way is historically correct.

      1. It’s all now getting a little far fetched but depends on what History want to do however ” Chinese love interest”….oh dear it sticks out like a sore thumb. So far as I know (i.e. there may be others) Ragnar, if he existed at all, died of cholera or some such after the siege of Paris or in a pit of vipers courtesy of Aella thus we know his end. Rollo’s tomb in in Rouen complete with a little dog in stone at his feet. He died 930 ish as ruler of Normandy; think he outlives most of them :) The Lothbrok sons plus Guthrum and others went on to cause much mayhem for Alfred and the Saxon kingdoms later on. Haraldr Hárfagri did go on to become king of Norway.
        The interpretation element is getting looser and looser for me and I’m struggling to maintain an interest thus am hoping that what hitherto has been one of the BEST shows ever in Seasons 1-3, gets it together again as it goes forward.

  1. I can’t even imagine the show without Ragnar Lothbrok. The last 2 weeks have been devasting. Megan Boone died on Blacklist and now Ragnar is going to die on Vikings. Whatever happened to a series that last for years. Not sure If I will continue watching. Perhaps if Rolo and Lagertha have a bigger part again. Travis made this series. Never liked queen Aslaug and story behind their sons. Hopefully the show will continue to consume my interests.

  2. I loved Ragnar at the beginning, but his involvement with that woman who was giving him that drug was not good. I wish Travis Fimmel all the best, but I am not sorry to see Ragnar go. I will still watch Vikings!

  3. Ragnar? I hate the last 3 episodes already with him looking old, reluctant and dumb. I think I will stop watching here.

  4. I don’t know if I will continue watching. Ragnar WAS The Vikings. Will miss him tremendously. Have watched a couple of episodes since he “died” and not very good. Perhaps if Rollo had a more prominent part it would be better.

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