‘Thor 3’ Filming Possibly to be Set in Australia as Chris Hemsworth Decides to Return and Live in His Home Country!

The third installment to the “Thor” movie of Marvel Studios will hit theaters on November 3, 2017 with an official title “Thor: Ragnarok.” That’s four years from the last movie in the series titled “Thor: The Dark World” shown in 2013.

Filming for the movie is expected to begin in June this year. However, there might be a major production shift, particularly in the movie’s location.

Reports have it that Chris Hemsworth, who plays the role of Thor in the first two movies and the two Avenger films, has decided to relocate and live with his family in his home country in Australia.

Hemsworth explained that his decision to move back to Australia along with his wife Elsa Pataky and their three kids was a mutual one between him and his wife.

He said that they have come to a decision that they do not want their kids to grow up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, citing that L.A. is a tough place to get around with kids, notes the Australia Network News.

The Australian actor said that there is not a whole lot of foot traffic in L.A. because nearly everybody has a car. He said that it is very much unlike in Australia where they just walk out the door and head to the beach down the street and that life is much simple. He also said that moving to a kind of farm setup back in the coast in Australia has been the best thing for him and his family.

Chris and Elsa’s kids are three-year-old India Rose and two-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha.

Not giving up his acting career

Although he has decided to return and live in his home country, Chris Hemsworth is not about to give up his Hollywood career. He said that he loves what he does as an actor.

It is possible that his return to Australia is meant to give himself a breather or to be a part of a community that does not live and breathe the world, but it is likely that he will occasionally travel to L.A. or to various locations in the world if the job requires him to.

However, for “Thor 3,” it is possible that Marvel Studios has decided to relocate the production in the Land Down Under as there have been a recent posting from Screen Queensland looking for possible crew members for “Thor 3” filming in the country.

Most of Marvel’s movies are being filmed in its studio in Atlanta, Georgia so it would really be interesting how everything plays out in “Thor 3.”

Casting and plotline rumors

There have been reports early this year that Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett has agreed to play the main villain Hela in the third Thor movie. Hela would be shaking things up for the mighty Thor in Asgard.

Then last month, there have also been reports coming out that a beloved character in the “Thor” film series will be killed off in “Thor: Ragnarok.” Accordingly, the beloved character is none other than Heimdall, played by Idris Elba, in the first two Thor movies.

Apparently, Hela will cause the death of Heimdall as she will initially join forces with Loki, Thor’s brother. But when Thor confronts her, she will cause the destruction of his mighty hammer Mjolnir and also banishes the superhero from Asgard, details Movieweb.

Thor 3

While Hela is destroying Thor’s hammer, she will also kill Heimdall. Thor, on the other hand, will eventually make that cosmic road trip with the Hulk.

But Heimdall will reportedly make a valiant return towards the movie’s climax, showing up along with the souls of the righteous fallen along with the good Valkyries of Valhalla to battle Hela.

Late last year, Marvel Studios hired Stephany Folsom to write a draft of the script for “Thor: Ragnarok.” Folsom became the third female writer involved in a Marvel Studios project.

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