There Could Have Been an ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ Movie If Andrew Garfield Did not Snub Sony Boss

This is basically water under the bridge already since the Spider-Man franchise is with Marvel Studios now following the agreement signed between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures early this year.

But there could have been a third installment to the “Amazing Spider-Man” movie franchise if temperamental actor Andrew Garfield did not snub a Sony event featuring the top executive of the company last year.

Showbiz 411 got wind of reports that Garfield actually insulted Sony chief Kaz Hirai when he was a no-show in a Sony gala celebrating the end of the World Cup at Rio de Janeiro in the summer of 2014.

Despite the so-called underwhelming performance of “Amazing Spider-Man 2” in the box-office compared to its predecessor, Kaz was actually planning to introduce Garfield during the Rio de Janeiro event as the star of “Amazing Spider-Man 3” set for a 2016 release during his prepared speech for some 750 guests.

Garfield, who incidentally arrived in Rio de Janeiro on that day, made a huge mistake of snubbing Kaz and never took the initiative of coming down to dinner for the Sony gala event, which have surely piqued the Sony boss.

The even worse thing is that Andrew Garfield decided not to attend the gala event with barely an hour to go. Some reports have it that he claimed he was feeling bad under the weather while some others say he has a rather scruffy beard at that time and just wants to be left alone.

The supposed speech

The supposed speech of Kaz Hirai eventually made the rounds in the internet as part of the inter-office e-mail exchanges among staff following the hacking of Sony late last year.

But Sony has yet to confirm however if the e-mail exchanges are legit or not. From the looks and contents of it however, the communications really appear to be genuine.

Kaz was planning to introduce Andrew in his speech as an actor who graced the screen in roles in several important Sony Pictures Entertainment films including “The Social Network,” which Hirai referred to as the “Citizen Kane” of the 21st Century.

“Citizen Kane” is a film that social historians will point to as one of the most emblematic in the modern era, he explained.

spider man

His speech will continue to state that Andrew Garfield also starred in “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which continue to weave its movie magic in the hearts and minds of people around the world.

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