The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Squashes Many Bugs, New Style for Vimme Vivaldi!

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” was already a hugely successful release, and a true sequel to the iconic franchise, but CD Projekt Red are not the kind of studio to rely on their initial success to carry them forward. The developers have been hard at work releasing new patches for the game since its release, and the latest one brings the game up to version 1.30, fixing various bugs that have been around for a while, and adding a little extra content.

Most of the update seems to be aimed at bug fixes, and the developers have definitely done quite a lot in this regard. Players have been complaining about certain aspects of the gameplay for a while, and it looks like CD Projekt Red have been listening. Some of the fixes are not for bugs for quality of life features that have been requested for some time, and the gameplay in general should now be a bit smoother and more balanced.

Players can also expect better controller support in this version, especially those playing on a Steam Controller, and there are reportedly some input fixes in the background as well. Players who’ve been experiencing issues with enemies that cannot be killed should also be happy to know that this has now been addressed, or at least the known instances of the bug. It’s always possible that there are more places where this occurs, but this will only become apparent through enough play testing from gamers themselves.

Last but not least, Vimme Vivaldi has been given a new look in this update, but that about exhausts the new content that has been added. Still, it’s not so often that developers are willing to go back and revise the visuals of their games that long after release, even such minor details. The general support that the game receives today is actually an impressive achievement by the studio, and there’s a good reason why they have such a strong reputation with their fans.

Reports indicate that the game continues to be a great seller for the studio as well, so they should be able to get plenty of funding for their next project. Of course, CD Projekt Red are not exactly a studio deprived of cash, as they also have some more serious income channels available, but their earnings from “The Witcher 3” are not to be ignored either.

We’re curious how much longer the studio plans to support the game, as it seems to be reaching the end of its support cycle right now, as there isn’t that much left to fix anyway. It would perhaps be better for them to invest their full development potential in their next game, although we trust that the developers themselves know best how to approach their current plans.

The Witcher 3

“The Witcher” has been a hugely successful franchise, and part of this is due to the support the games always tend to receive after their release, as well as the general closeness of the studio to their fans. Other companies, like Bethesda, like to leave some of their bug-fixing work in the hands of their fans through mods and similar means, and while it still seems to work out for them, the efforts of CD Projekt Red are commendable. Hopefully the studio won’t find themselves spoiled by their successful history, although they have likely had plenty of chances for that until now.

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