The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Rumored to Be Expanded with Even more Characters, Plot Developments with new DLC!

CD Projekt Red are one of the more popular companies on the gaming market right now, and they have a good right to claim this reputation too – they are one of the studios that seem to truly care about the quality of their products and the enjoyment of their fans, and they are constantly in communication with their fan base about issues with their current games and their future plans. And of course, they know how to keep a game alive through regular updates, and “The Witcher 3” is a great example of that as the game has been getting nothing but praise for its additional content.

The game is currently set to get another DLC pack in 2016, and fans already know some vague details about “Blood and Wine” that have been driving up their interest quite a bit. It looks like a lot of thought has gone into preparing this DLC and ensuring that it fills the gaps that fans have been pointing out since the game was released, and this expansion might have the potential to truly help this game’s popularity.

Of course, a lot is still unknown about the DLC on the official front and most of what we’ve heard have been rumors and speculation by the community. Actual reports about the DLC remain scarce, and this includes basic details like its release date. We only know that CD Projekt Red won’t be able to make the release in 2015, even though some fans were hopeful to see the new DLC coming out before the end of the year by some miracle.

And while we know that it’s planned for release in 2016, that’s still quite vague and not really a good estimate for most fans. We will likely see the DLC at some point in the early months of the year, but we don’t really know how far ahead the studio is in its development, so it’s possible that they may need a bit more time until they are ready to even talk about it.

The company has generally been highly communicative with their fans about their games in the past, so it’s likely that they will talk about the new DLC in detail as soon as they have something more interesting to say about it. CD Projekt Red know how to handle their marketing and they definitely understand the importance of talking about their releases in advance, so we don’t expect that they will hide those exciting details until the last moment.

New monsters have been discussed by people tied to the project, but we don’t know the exact details of how they will be implemented or what they will be. The game will also be expanded with some more cosmetic content and will generally feel more diverse and full of options for its players. Last but not least, there have been talks about new modding tools coming out for the game’s fans, and this is something that has been enjoying a lot of attention from the community on its own.

The Witcher 3

Some have also been showing particular interest in the new plot that will be introduced in the expansion, as there have been rumors that it will make the game’s storyline more interesting than ever, and that the writers have been putting even more effort into coming up with a captivating storyline that doesn’t let go of its players until the very end. Of course, it’s easy for some of those rumors to get carried away.

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