The Walking Dead Season 6 Will Come With 2 More Characters To Kill Off!

The Walking Dead has been a wild ride since the first day that it was on television back in October of 2010. The show has seen more main characters get killed off than any other show of its caliber and that has many of the fans cringing every time they here the opening music. The show has been a major hit for AMC and with the last episode of season 5 seen by more than 14 million people in the United States.

When the series first aired back in 2010, the show brought in just 5.2 million total viewers, which means the increase has been three times through the fifth season. That just goes to show you the loyal fan base stuck with the show and brought many friends along with them. The first episode of the fifth season brought in a series high of more than 17 million viewers. The show has been nominated for awards as well including Best New Series, Best Television Series Drama and as one of the top 10 television shows of 2010.

That is very good news for the writer and creator of the show since fans wondered how much longer the show could go on. With hundred of zombies killed each week and hundreds of miles traveled by the remaining cast members, one would think the show has to come to an end soon. How the zombies were created is still a mystery as the show has yet to cover that. One thing they have covered is the tough decisions that are made to save characters or not throughout the series.

Many of the main characters from the first few seasons are long gone by now, but the creator has done a great job of bringing in new talent to replace them. According to one online source, The Walking Dead Season 6 is going to feature two new characters that can be killed off at any moment. The series is set to return in October, as usual, and this time around it will have a few new locations, as well as characters.

The Walking Dead Season 6

According to one source, one of the new characters named Delvin is a “twenty-something African-American cynic” that might still believe that even though he has seen some very bad things, people can generally be decent deep down inside. There is another guy coming that “values fairness” and his name is Tucker. Neither of the two new names show up in the comic books, but they are members of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

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