‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Second Half May See Carl Getting Shot in the Eye and Falling into a Coma!

The second half of Season 6 of the American holocaust survival horror drama TV series “The Walking Dead” will air on AMC on Valentine’s Day next year and speculations are rife that it would be an eventful heart’s day for Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, and company.

As it is, fans are resorting mostly to the comic book version of “The Walking Dead” for possible spoilers for the second half of Season 6 as the TV show appears to be following the storyline of the printed material.

It can be recalled that during the fall finale of Season 6 of “The Walking Dead,” it showed Rick, Carl, Michonne, Judith, Jessie, Ron, Sam, and Father Gabriel trying to blend in with a hoard of walkers by covering themselves with walker guts.

But Sam started to panic and called out his mother, which will have major consequences. That also left the show with a huge cliffhanger when it returns on February 14, 2016 for its episode 9.

Reports have it that it would be a shocker if everyone would make it out of the hoard of walkers alive or unscathed. Based on the comics, it will be Carl who will bear the brunt of the consequence.

No turning back

According to iDigital Times, the show stuck with the comic book storyline of having Rick’s group leave the house as well as Sam calling out his mother.

Based on the comics, chaos would ensue and the walkers would recognize the humans among them. But Deanna would still attempt to distract the walkers. During the commotion, Jessie will be killed and Carl would be shot in the eye in the process and he would fall into a coma.

It is likely that the show will follow the storyline of Carl getting injured and Jessie being killed and will make Rick realized that he need people in order to survive.

But it remains to be seen whether the TV show will stick to the comic book storyline on what shall happen to Carl although there are speculations that the showrunners could make the eye injury less brutal and have Carl just wear an eye patch like the Governor.

Or they could actually decide to skip the injury and have Carl get bitten and killed altogether. The loss would deeply wound Rick and there would be no turning back for him, which seems consistent with what Andrew Lincoln said in a recent interview that the second half of Season 6 would be darker and the season finale a mind-blowing experience for fans and viewers.

The best eight episodes ever

Norman Reedus, the actor who portrays the role of fan favorite Daryl Dixon, in a recent interview, says that the second half of Season 6, featuring eight episodes, are the best that they have done thus far in “The Walking Dead.”

He said that it is going to be super intense, comparing it to pulling back an arrow that has been fired and the momentum will just carry the viewers through, details Moviepilot.

Reedus also did not disclose any other detail for the next eight episodes of “The Walking Dead” Season 6 because he joked that if he says so, a laser beam from above the AMC satellite will zap his head.

It is likely that Rick and a small group will be able to survive the walker assault on Alexandria, but their group is up for another major challenge.

the walking dead

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is now openly expressing his excitement for the role of the new big bad on “The Walking Dead” named Negan.

In a recent interview, Morgan said that he was very ecstatic for getting the role of Negan in the TV series. He said that he has always been a follower of “The Walking Dead” so when the producers offered his agent the role, there were no second thoughts at all as far as he was concerned.

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