‘The Voice’ Season 9 to See Debut of Rihanna on October 26 as Mentor for the Knockout Round!

Almost a month into the ninth season of the American reality singing competition “The Voice” on NBC, the widely-anticipated appearance of pop superstar Rihanna in the show will be coming within a week’s time.

Apparently, NBC can no longer contain its own excitement over the guesting of the “Umbrella” singer beginning on October 26 that it has already released a teaser of “The Voice” that featured Rihanna giving her time on the show.

The competition is still in the battle rounds until only this week. Next week will be the start of the knockout round and also the beginning of the involvement of Rihanna as a mentor to knockout round contestants. And typical of Rihanna, she appears not holding back at all in imparting her views to “The Voice” aspirants, notes Music News.

She means business

In the teaser trailer for “The Voice,: Rihanna was showing having some fun with the button before she delivers some big one-liners in the likes of ‘What the heck was that?’ or “Don’t sass me!’ Apparently, when she agreed to come in as a mentor to contestants, she really meant to be one and that she really means business.

Riri was also seen giving the contestants constructive criticisms about fashion. She also brings with her the notable sexuality that she has been known to exude which she says is all a fantasy.

She was also seen in the clip saying she does not like contestant Jordan Smith. She told him that she just met him, but she does not like him. She added that she thought that she liked him, but she does not like him anymore.

Smith’s world seems to have shattered right there and then, as he can’t seem to bear the idea that Rihanna can criticize him. Fortunately for him, though, Rihanna was just acting up and she was only saying it in jest because subsequently, Adam Levine was seen joining the fray and saying ‘I don’t like you’ to contestants as well.

Towards the end of the clip, Rihanna was quoted as saying that she thinks she is a natural as she slams the little button on “The Voice” signature red swivel chair.

No wedding bells

Contrary to rumors going around that “The Voice” coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are dating and that their supposed relationship has prospered into something better that they are about to get married soon, the representative of Shelton has come out to deny all those stories.

Shelton’s rep said that Blake is too focused on his career to think about marrying again considering that he just finalized his split with Miranda Lambert in July.

Stefani or her representative has yet to come out with a statement about the speculations, though.

But Blake and Gwen have been surrounded by dating rumors for quite some time now. It all started when the two started becoming close on “The Voice” because they were both fresh from failed relationships.

Gwen just finalized her divorce with Gavin Rossdale in June and then a month later, it was Blake’s turn with Miranda.

The Voice Season 9

There have been reports going around that both Blake and Gwen have been talking about a wedding less than four months after their marriages imploded. Blake was said to be quoted as saying that he would marry Gwen today if he could and that NBC is thrilled of the prospect of the two getting engaged, perhaps in the show, and then get married later.

What makes the story about the marriage looks real was the fact that the insider has all the details of the marriage including the possible venue in a neutral location in the beach in Hawaii or the Carolinas to be highlighted by a small ceremony, details the Australia Network News.

In addition, the supposed wedding is to be attended only by close friends and a few family members, who shall be barefoot and casual. There is also the report that Blake’s three sons will also be part of the wedding ceremonies.

Given all the information overload on the rumors, fans can’t really help but to think that it is true. In fact, Blake and Gwen are now being referred to as ‘Gwake,’ but it seems that there will be no wedding bells for the two, at least for now or in the near future. But who knows, it might be happening later.

But before any talks of marriage should be dwelt upon, it is important first for Blake and Gwen to admit first in public that they are dating or not. Because only their admission that they are dating or not can end the wedding rumors.

It is not clear if the other two mainstay coaches in the “The Voice,” Adam Levin and Pharrell Williams are aware of the supposed romantic relationship between the two other coaches in the show. There is really nothing wrong with the two going out or getting married considering that they are officially single now and fans can only hope for the best so that ‘Gwake’ can finally happen.

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