The Sims 4 Likely Getting Various New Expansion Packs and Updates in the Future!

“The Sims 4” launched to a lot of success and strong positive receptions, and EA have been hard at work supporting the game and making sure that its fans are properly satisfied. While there were some criticisms aimed at particular features of the game and the way its release was handled, the overall reception has been good so far, and if anything, people want to see even more of the same content.

And that’s just what might happen in the coming months, according to some hints that EA have been dropping lately. The company seems to be planning to release various expansion packs for the game, as well as different updates that will increase the amount of content in it even more, while also polishing the gameplay and introducing new features to it.

They would be very smart to step up the development of the game as well, given its huge financial success during the previous year, and the studio still has a lot that they can earn from this game. Fans of “The Sims” enjoy buying expansion packs in general, so this should be an obvious next step for EA, and the studio has already been hard at work releasing new content for the game, such as an expansion pack focused on careers and professional development.

Now, EA are apparently looking to add various new types of scenery to the game, like night clubs and specific hotspots, some of which will change according to the current season. At one point, players might get to enjoy a vacation on the beach, but the next season they might be able to go to a resort instead. Players will also be able to focus on creating the perfect pet for their Sims, and they will get new interactions for their pets as well, like teaching them new tricks or giving them “tips” on how to annoy the neighbors. Of course, the game will still preserve its friendly nature and this will all be in good humor overall.

The Sims 4

EA also want to tweak the current career system, according to reports, as they feel like it’s not clear enough and could use some work to more properly guide players to the right career paths for their Sims. This is something fans have been complaining about ever since the careers expansion came out, so it looks like EA have at least been listening to feedback, and are willing to change the game to make it more suitable for players. How much they’re going to change exactly though, we have no idea.

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