The Originals Season 3 Casts Andrew Lees as Lucien, First Sire!

We’ve been hearing some rumors about “The Originals” lately, and the most prominent topic for discussion in the community of the show’s fans seem to be the sires that will appear in season 3. There have been various ideas about them and who would be playing the characters, and now we’ve just heard what seems to be the first official report on the matter.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first sire will be named Lucien and will be played by Andrew Leeds – he has previously worked alongside Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt on some episodes of “H2O: Just Add Water”.

The official description of Lucien portrays him as “intelligent, charming, wildly successful and at ease with princes and paupers alike”. He will also be a clever thinker, always trying to be ahead of everyone else in the game and will be quite proud of himself for that quality.

Rebecca Breeds will also be joining the cast, playing the role of a character named Aurora who apparently has two very different sides, and she chooses which one to show according to her current situation. She hasn’t been listed as a sire of any of the big three, but she has been described as “sexy, seductive, witty and free-spirited, the life of the party”.

On the other hand, she also has a darker side, and can be very destructive and vengeful when she feels like it’s “appropriate” for any given situation. She can also turn very violent and use this to the best of her abilities when the situation calls for that, and this will apparently lead to some very interesting plot developments in the future.

We don’t know if Aurora will end up being Rebecca’s first sire, as it seems like each of the Originals chose their victims from their own gender. This has bene a major point of discussion among fans of the show, but we don’t know exactly how the plot is going to play out in this regard.

In addition, she seems to have quite a lot in common with Rebekah, and the way her character is described could actually fit for Rebekah as well. This could have some curious implications for the development of the plot, and the show seems to be creating some very interesting pairs of characters.

The new season is expected to be quite heavy on the flashbacks, and it will give a good opportunity for Kol to return to the screen, and for fans to see even more of his character. Julie Plec, executive producer of the show, has promised her fans that they’ll get to see more of him in the new season, even though his actor won’t be able to commit to the series full time. He’s also taking part in the new comedy “Significant Mother”, and this has apparently been eating into his schedule quite a bit.

The Originals Season 2

Jason Dohring is one of the new actors joining the show in the role of Will Kinney, a detective in the search for justice. He may not know anything about the supernatural events developing all around him, but he will still get a “strong suspicion that something strange is happening beneath the surface of the city”. From what we can tell, his character is going to have a very prominent role in the new season, and could find himself involved in the conspiracies quite deeply. He could actually end up being one of the more important characters of this season, but we don’t know that for sure yet.

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