The Originals Season 2, Episode 17 Focuses on Eva and Rebekah!

The latest 17th episode of “The Originals” saw some interesting developments, particularly for the Mikaelson family. The show has always had a peculiar attitude to its characters and it loves to pit them against their own problems all the time, and this episode really let that idea shine. At the same time, some critics have been commenting about the way Klaus is presented and his extremely negative side, though not particularly with regards to this episode.

Rebekah has been trying to fight with the shell that she had been trapped inside, and this episode featured her in the form of a little girl. This was quite the striking contrast to her witch form, according to most who commented on the episode, and it definitely added a certain creepy side to her character. Although, underneath that pretty exterior, she was still the same witch trying to get back her power in any way possible.

The episode focused pretty much entirely on Eva and Rebekah, and it seems that fans will no longer see one of them in future episodes. Eva is now gone for good, and on the other hand, Rebekah has been slowly establishing her new identity.

Critics have been pointing out that change in Rebekah’s character, noting that the way Claire Holt portrayed her was very unique and special, and it certainly added something to the overall tone of the show. On the other hand, most also agreed that a new actress could have a strong potential and can definitely present the character in the interesting way she deserves. Hopefully, that’s what we’re going to see over the next few episodes.

As for Eva, she found herself fooled by Vincent, the latest character to be added to the show’s cast, who gets her to reveal her hiding place to all the magical children whose power she had been using. The consequences are obvious, and Eva is no longer around.

In the end, most commenters saw this as an episode that focused on reestablishing previously known characters, while also introducing some interesting twists in the plot. Other than Eva, Esther is now gone as well, but there has been speculation that Freya will more than make up for their disappearance. The Mikaelsons have already proved themselves to be an interesting bunch, and her being a member of the family could certainly have some strong implications for the future of the plot.

The Originals Season 2

The next episodes of the show are shaping up to be very interesting, and the character development so far has been very strong. Hopefully this trend will continue for a while, because the writers behind “The Originals” definitely know their job well.

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