The Last of Us 2 Development to Go on High Gear After Naughty Dog is Through with the Single Player DLC of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

In addition to the gameplay, gamers are also getting excited about the possible release date of “The Last of Us 2” on the PlayStation 4. Based on the recent comment of Shuhei Yoshida, president of worldwide studios at Sony Computer Entertainment, Naughty Dog was indeed entertaining a few ideas with regards to “The Last of Us 2.”

He said that since the first game was launched back in 2013, creative director Neil Druckmann, who is also the man behind the development of “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End,” has been talking about some ideas for a potential sequel of “The Last of Us.”

However, Yoshida also said then that nothing is set is stone and that the people at Naughty Dog are likewise excited for the development of the sequel to “The Last of Us.”

The Sony Computer Entertainment exec also disclosed that Druckmann is also looking into doing some experiments on the sequel to make the game even more interesting.

As far as the game’s plotline goes, there are reports that Ellie might become the main protagonist for “The Last of Us 2” because Joel will all be dead and gone.

The rumors about Joel no longer being part of “The Last of Us 2” came from voice actor Nolan North who said back in June of last year that his character in the sequel has apparently met an untimely demise.


  1. if they were to do the next journey as a prequel with Ellie as the main protagonist then how could it possible work? We all saw Ellie grow as a independent character in the last game alongside Joel, before she was just a nieve kid. Personally I am more interested in carrying on where we left off. you can still have Ellie as the main protagonist in the game that fine as Ellie’s section in the last instalment was bad-ass. be cool to see a change of roles as now Joel could play a much older character giving Tommy a much bigger role in the game. Ellie still doesn’t fully know what happened with the firefly and the fact that Joel Lied to her. Maybe this could lead to a decent plot that maybe the firefly are still searching for her for the cure?

    excuse the rant haha

  2. I would not want to play The Last Of Us 2 if Joel isn’t in it, I’m sorry. I know that Ellie was a great character, but I wouldn’t want to play a game that just focused on her, or Marlene, or Joel’s brother. It wouldn’t be the same without Joel.

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