‘The Incredibles 2’ to Hit Theaters in Summer of 2016

The computer-animated comedy superhero film “The Incredibles” was shown on November 5, 2004. It was the sixth film produced by Pixar Animation Studios released by Walt Disney Pictures.

With its $631.4 million worldwide box office haul in 2004, everybody was actually surprised that Pixar did not work on a sequel right away to build on the gains of the first movie.

More than 10 years since the showing and the success of “The Incredibles,” talks about “The Incredibles 2” have started swirling around. Indications are now clear that Pixar is already working on the long-overdue sequel to the superhero family movie.

Reports are now rife that “The Incredibles 2” may hit the theaters in the summer of next year, which would mark almost 12 years after the first film was shown.

Many of the young fans of the first film are still excited with the sequel even though most of them may either be teenagers or young adults now. There is also the possibility that the young adult fans of “The Incredibles” when it was shown in 2004 may already have their own respective families now and would most likely watch the movie next year with their tots and children.

In any case, because it is from Pixar, and it would also be released by Walt Disney Pictures, “The Incredibles 2” would surely be a blockbuster in the tills although its output on the box-office would depend largely on its plot as well as to how Disney would market the film.

The only question as of this time is whether “The Incredibles 2” would equal or surpass its predecessor in terms of worldwide box office haul.

Storyline for “The Incredibles 2”

The storyline for “The Incredibles 2” has been recently released and it has become fodder to many internet news sites.

Accordingly, in the sequel, Mr. and Mrs. Incredibles, featuring Bob and Helen, have decided not to be too active with their superhero crime fighting ways and allow their two teenage children Violet and Dash to do the work for them.

The two are now considered the greatest superhero in the world while their parents focus on rearing their now six-year-old younger brother Jack-Jack, whose super power ability is to change faces, reports Ecumenical News.

Unfortunately, unlike his superhero parents and his sister and brother, Jack-Jack cannot control his powers. His parents Bob and Helen have also become very protective of him following Jack-Jack’s kidnapping by a villain. Eventually, Jack-Jack became an outcast and a rebel.

incredibles 2

It was during this time that Jack-Jack realized that he can only control his super power abilities if he is angry or becomes villainous. Unfortunately, it was another villain, which speculations say is to be known as Syndrome, who first saw these unique traits of Jack-Jack and he thus mentored him to become a great villain under his tutelage.


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