The Following Season 4 No Longer Become Possible Because the TV Series Lost Writing Steam Right After Season 1, More Details

He said that if the show was going to have an evil force out there, it has to be something bigger than Theo, played by Michael Ealy, or something bigger than Strauss, played by Gregg Henry, or more dominating than Joe Caroll. played by James Purefoy.

The showrunner said that the idea of having a very wealthy person as the show’s big bad excited them.

He added that the concept of having an extremely rich serial killer, which he also described as an uber-rich serial killer, appealed to them in order for “The Following” to break away from the identity of the murderer.

Hawley said that the uber-rich were never identified and captured as serial killers, referring to alleged murderer and “Jinx” subject Robert Durst. He said that could not possibly be a result of genetics because they usually do not have such proclivities.

Along with a rumored villain, there were talks revealing that Ryan Hardy was set to take on a vigilante role in “The Following” Season 4.

Hawley teased that it had been Hardy answering the question he had been asking for the first three seasons, which were about having a life and becoming happy outside his obsessions. He said that the answer to those queries was ‘no’ but it had felt that viewers had really needed to answer it.

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