‘The Following’ Season 4 All Gone and Kevin Bacon Has Moved on to Better Things Including Appearing in a Funny Advertisement!

Season 4 of the American thriller drama TV series “The Following” is all gone following the decision of Fox to cancel it immediately following its Season 3 finale that aired on May 18, 2015, so lead actor Kevin Bacon moved on to better things.

Aside from several more TV shows in the can and the usual roles in films, Kevin Bacon is busy as a bee these days. But he still managed to find time to do a funny TV commercial where he was seen promoting eggs. Nothing beats waking up to eggs and bacon, after all, Kevin Bacon that is.

The 57-year-old actor recently partnered with the American Egg Board and took his brother Michael along for a new ad campaign called “Wake Up to Eggs with the Bacon Brothers,” reports People.

As part of the ad campaign, Kevin and Michael Bacon also released a music video for “E-G-G-S,” a song they wrote and produced together.

The funny video begins with a couple waking up to find Kevin in their bed and Michael sitting in a chair with a guitar in hand ready to sing.

Kevin then tells the surprised couple that they are there to teach them about the power of waking up to eggs. Then he says that no one knows eggs better than the Bacon brothers.

On the next scene, Kevin and Michael interrupt a breakfast between a mother and her moody teenage son. The son was not as receptive to the message of the Bacon brothers because he thinks Kevin’s movies are pathetic.

But Kevin tells him that eggs are not pathetic and Michael seconded by saying that eggs are six grams of high-quality protein with no sugar or carbs.

Finally, their third victim was a man who was in the middle of his shower. Kevin sings that eggs are a good source of Vitamin D with nothing artificial on it. He then hands the man a towel. But their song is interrupted by the cops who show up because what the Bacon brothers have done in breaking into a house is really against the law.

A victim of lazy writing

While many attributed the cancellation of “The Following” to poor ratings that started to show beginning in its second season, critics think that the TV series, just like many other shows before it, has fallen victim to lazy writing.

Based on its two-hour Season 3 finale, “The Following” actually reflected how it squandered its assets, with the end coming two years and many dozens of killings, which was a bit too late.

The mind games between Kevin Bacon’s Ryan Hardy and James Purefoy’s Joe Caroll may have been the lifeblood of the show, “The Following” overstayed its welcome among many of its viewers and had a grim streak beginning in Season 2 all the way to Season 3.

The series should have ended with the cat-and-mouse game between Hardy and Caroll but the show’s modest first season success necessitated a new season and new wrinkles as well, thus unleashing several rival sets of psychopaths to sustain the program in the next two seasons.

A tired formula

Eventually, everyone realized that the show was using a very tired formula so it wandered off from its basic premise as Ryan begin to go a bit crazy himself especially when his nemesis Caroll was finally executed, cites TV Writer.

the following scene

With Purefoy’s character gone, there was not much for the show to move forward to because of the apparent lazy writing as the writers no longer want to think outside of the box, thus confining the show to its own walls.

While “The Following” had a solid cast of supporting actors including Shawn Ashmore, the TV show actually wasted great talents like Zuleikha Robinson and Jessica Stroup, who became mere footnotes in the TV series.

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