‘The Flash’ Season 3 to Feature Caitlin Snow About to Keep Secrets from Team Flash, Actor Carlos Valdes Reveals!

As Team Flash continues to explore definitive solutions to alter the future timeline in order to save Iris West from her grim death, it seems clear that her future is not the only one who will experience a massive change.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Carlos Valdes who plays the geeky mechanical engineer named Cisco Ramon in “The Flash,” hints about Caitlin Snow’s fate in the current third season of the hit TV series.

He said that his character will attempt to help out Caitlin Snow, who is played by Danielle Panabaker in the show, in quelling the emergence of her alter-ego, Killer Frost.

However, the 27-year-old actor also said that Caitlin shall have some secrets of her own that are going to be revealed as the latest season progresses.

Valdes even added that due to Caitlin’s hidden secrets, it will likely change the dynamics of the team especially in terms of her relationships towards them and vice versa.

Thus, this could mean that the altered timeline would have an effect on Caitlin Snow’s matter of choices in her future which would make her evil character possibly come out.

It can be recalled that in the seventh episode of “The Flash” Season 3, Caitlin was seen struggling with her evil alter-ego. As she was having difficulty controlling her ice powers, she got Julian Albert, played by Tom Felton, hurt due to her erratic behavior while she was asking him to help her find the Alchemist.

Executive producer Aaron Helbing also hinted that fans will see more of Caitlin struggling with her powers in the next episodes which is something that she really has to deal with.

Helbing explained that it’s more about Caitlin getting control of her powers. However, there is a part of her that makes her think and believe that she could really be good as Killer Frost. Whether she totally spirals out of control to her dark side would be interesting to find out in the next episodes of “The Flash” Season 3.

The showrunner also teased during his interview with TV Guide that following Caitlin’s journey this season, the show is also about to unfold her tragic story.

Probably, fans will see the story arc on Caitlin’s family, in which the season has previously introduced her stone-hearted mother who only wanted to experiment with her discovered powers.

It simply reveals that Caitlin had a rough childhood similar to her alter-ego introduced in Earth-2, which explains the reason why turned to become Killer Frost.

It would be up to Caitlin if she would completely allow herself to become her evil alter-ego or find a way from stopping it dead in its tracks.

Helbing also teased that they have huge plans for Panabaker’s character in the current season and even describes her story development as very exciting and satisfying.

It has been initially reported that Robbie Amell, who plays the role of Ronnie Raymond, will return on “The Flash,” this season. It could also be the key to stopping Caitlin from turning into her alter-ego.

While there is no exact episode that was announced when the actor would return, there were already leaked photos that made it online showing Amell doing a scene with Danielle Panabaker and Grant Gustin., who plays Barry Allen aka The Flash in the series.

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