‘The Americans’ Season 5 Gets New Company in TV Veterans Brett Tucker and Laurie Holden

The fifth season of the American espionage drama TV series is set to debut next year on FX but the network has yet to come out with an official announcement or statement with regards to its exact airing date.

However, what seems confirmed at this point is that two veteran TV actors in Brett Tucker and Laurie Holden shall be joining the show as new cast members to keep the excitement going for the already very scintillating spy drama.

Accordingly, Tucker, shall take on the role of Ben Stobert who is a charming, intelligent, and passionate scientist whose work goes deeper than it seems, reports TV Series Finale.

Holden, on the other hand, shall be cast as Renee, a new woman in town who shall capture the interest and fancy of Stan Beerman, played by Noah Emmerich, when they meet at the gym. They will hit it off from there as Renee also likes to indulge in various guy activities including fly fishing, watching sports, and drinking beer.

Alums of ‘The Walking Dead’

Stan Beerman shall apparently get a love life in Season 5 of “The Americans” and it is reportedly going to be Renee.

Both Emmerich and Holden happen to be alums of “The Walking Dead.” The reunion of the two former “The Walking Dead” characters will happen towards the latter part of Season 5 of “The Americans” as Renee is reportedly a recurring role.

Stan will reportedly be amazed of Renee and he will regard her as the woman of her dreams. However, what Stan does not know is that she may have hidden secrets and is merely out to use Stan for her own schemes.

The last time that both Noah Emmerich and Laurie Holden were in the same TV series together was during the first season of “The Walking Dead.”

Emmerich briefly appeared in Season 1 of “The Walking Dead” as CDC doctor Edwin Jenner. Holden, on the other hand, appeared for three seasons of the zombie apocalypse TV series as Andrea Harrison. She turned dark at the hands of The Governor before getting back into her senses again but she was bitten by a walker and she turned. Rick eventually killed her walker version.

The appearance of Emmerich and Holden together in “The Americans” Season 5 will be a reunion of sort for the two actors in one TV series after six years.

Interesting story arcs for several characters

Showrunners Joseph Weisberg and Joel Fields have said during a recent interview that the upcoming fifth season of “The Americans” shall present interesting story arcs for several characters of the TV series.

They also confirmed that Season 5 shall set the stage for the conclusion of “The Americans” which has already been reported to end after Season 6, notes the Christian Times.

The co-executive producers were also quoted as saying in the same interview that they can hardly believe that “The Americans” is already heading into its final stretch, adding that they are so grateful to know that they shall be able to tell the story to its conclusion.

Weisberg and Fields added that a lot of people have put their hearts and souls into “The Americans” for a good number of years so they are both looking forward to the final two.

Season 4 of “The Americans” ended with a lot of angles to explore foremost of which is the growing dissatisfaction of Phillip Jennings, played by Matthew Rhys, with his job.

Their daughter Paige already found out about their work in Season 4. Although there were a bit of revulsion on Paige initially, she later realized why her parents had to do it, even saying that she wanted to be like them when she grows up.

the americans

In addition to Paige, the Jennings son Henry, played by Keidrich Sellati, also learned the secret of his parents during the Season 4 finale so Season 5 would give focus on him and how he handles the truth about his parents’ secret responsibilities.

There are speculations saying that the Jennings couple might become double agents in the upcoming season of “The Americans” in order to save their necks and protect their children but the showrunners have not confirmed or denied such plot as of this time.

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