‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to be at the Oscars!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are to be seen together again soon. No, they will not be filming “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” because Gwen, the character played by Emma in the two movies was already killed in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

While Sony Pictures already confirmed that Andrew will still be playing the web-slinging superhero in “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” which will likely to hit the theaters next year, there is still no official report yet as to who his new female co-lead shall be. The new female lead will assume the role of Mary Jane or MJ in all likelihood.

Andrew and Emma have been dating since 2011, about the time when they started filming “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

But they have kept their relationship in low profile because apart from valuing their privacies, Andrew is said to be very serious in making Emma happy and is hoping to make sure that their relationship ends in marriage.

Would not miss the Oscars

For her superb performance in the movie “Birdman,” Emma has earned the nod of several award-giving bodies through a couple of nominations.

She has been a regular fixture these days on the red carpet of awarding ceremonies. And quite noticeably, she comes alone often and the fans are asking where Andrew is, cites Yahoo! News.

But come the Academy Awards in March, Emma assured that Andrew would be there by her side to support her all the way as she is nominated in the Best Supporting Actress Category.

A source close to the actress said that Andrew will be Emma’s date at the Oscars and he can no longer contain his pride and excitement that his girlfriend has earned a nomination in the very prestigious Academy Awards.

A big deal

Andrew is rarely being seen with Emma in public because he believes that business is business and pleasure is pleasure.

But come the Oscars, he is ready to mix business with pleasure, the source close to the actress said.

There were also reports last year that Emma was planning to socialize with Andrew more in public but that remains to be seen this year. The Oscars could be a good start for the couple.

Emma disclosed that Andrew has these little idiosyncrasies in their relationship that it would really be difficult for her to convince him that they socialize more often.

emma stone and andrew garfield

But Emma is very much in love with Andrew. In an interview with a German magazine last year, she was also quoted as saying that one might actually fall in love with someone who she thinks is the one for her but the relationship does not work out eventually. Then one might meet someone else and it turns out that he was right for her, which somehow hinted how Andrew came to her life.

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