Teen Wolf Season 5 Star Takes Break From Social Media!

Since Twitter has arrived on the internet, there has been plenty of buzz around celebrities and big names. Millions of followers are flocking to social media sites to follow their favorites and get the latest scoop right from the “horse’s mouth”. That is the same thing that has happened to Teen Wolf Season 5 star Tyler Posey. In four short seasons, the Teen Wolf star has amassed more than 1 million fans on Twitter and recently he sent a tweet that was most likely confusing to some of them.

With the fifth season of the show coming up soon, the actor took to Twitter to announce that he was taking a break from the show and social media as well. That tweet hit social media at the beginning of this month and said that he was happy about all of the support and that he loved his fans. The tweet ended with Posey saying that he would be back soon. There was no clear reason as to why the break was needed or even how long it was going to last.

The fifth season of Teen Wolf is set to begin filming in a couple of months and it is possible that Posey just wanted to escape during the holidays and not have to worry about “work”. There are some public personal matters that he is dealing with right now and that could have been a contributing factor to the social media break. His mother is battling breast cancer and his recent engagement was called off for unknown reasons.

Sometimes, even celebrities have to just take a break and get back to square one before things really get out of control. According to one online source, Posey talked about struggling with his mother’s illness saying that at first he did not want to talk about it at all. Now that he has, he was able to find the strength to help his mother and family deal with it better. Posey said that now he finds it nice to be open about his mother and it has opened doors to people and fans comforting him.

Teen Wolf Season 5

The filming for the fifth season of the popular Teen Wolf show will start in February and once that is complete, the show will air. As with many other popular shows, the season will be split into 2 parts, with a grand total of 20 episodes. The show is not expected to break the story line between parts for season 5, like it did in season 3 if you remember that.

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