Sylvester Stallone, One Year Short of 70, Yet Still Going Strong as a Global Action Icon

Sylvester Stallone just celebrated his 69th birthday on July 6. Although one year short of being 70 years old, it seems like the veteran action star still has plenty of gas left in his tank to do more.

He is still very much active in films and occasionally on television. He is appearing on the movie “Creed” where he will reprise his Rocky Balboa role to teach the son of demise friend Apollo Creed how to box just like his father. The son will be played by Michael B. Jordan.

There are reports that he will be doing a fifth and final “Rambo” movie to finally give the iconic movie character a closure that he really deserves.

Sly, as he is often called, is said to be looking at the possibility of doing the fourth movie in the successful “The Expendables” movie franchise starring himself and most of Hollywood’s major action stars on both sides of the fence as good and bad guys.

He has been collaborating a lot with fellow action stars in his recent films including one with fellow action star and contemporary Arnold Schwarzenegger for the movie “The Escape Plan.” The two of them also appeared in “The Expendables” franchise and are in the same team of good guys.

The man behind the action star

To sort of honor the man on his 69th birthday, IBN Live actually detailed some of the most important things that fans need to know about the iconic action star that have not been known to most of them previously.

Accordingly, whatever Stallone is enjoying now, his fame, popularity, and money, the actor really had to work for it. He faced a lot of adversity even a young age. He struggled mightily and just like his “Rocky” character, he helped himself to move up the ranks.

He took on odd jobs before becoming an actor including being a hairdresser, an usher, and a cage cleaner. Sly has paid his dues in life in a big way so whatever he is enjoying right now, he has certainly earned it.

Other than being an action star, he is also a writer and a director, unlike his contemporaries. Stallone is also not afraid of taking risks and is a proud perfectionist. He performs all his stunts in his movies.

As everyone knows already, Stallone is a big boxing fan and if his “Rocky” movie series is not enough proof of that, he is always around whenever a major big bout is happening somewhere.

And most of all, Sylvester Stallone is a true global icon in the best sense of the title. His name and reputation are not just limited in Hollywood but all across different parts of the world.

Inspired by Stallone

As an example of his global action icon status, Indian action superstar Hrithik Roshan says that he is actually inspired by Sylvester Stallone, not just to become a good actor but also to be a stronger person in life, details Zeenews India.

The 41-year-old Indian actor made the statement on his Twitter account when he greeted his idol a ‘Happy Birthday’ on July 6.

In his tweet, Roshan disclosed that Sly Stallone has inspired the thin and weak him to be strong one day and he can’t thank the Hollywood action superstar enough.

Sylvester Stallone is one of the most durable Hollywood action stars around as he has been in the business for more than 40 years and from the looks of it, he continues to thrive.

In addition to being a very successful actor, Stallone has added being a successful writer and director to his Hollywood mantle.

But it was in acting where Sly Stallone got critically-acclaimed performances and obviously his real bread and butter.

Sylvester Stallone Photos

Stallone is well known for his Hollywood action roles, the most notable of which are his portrayal of the boxer Rocky Balboa in his “Rocky” movie series and soldier John Rambo from the “Rambo” film franchise.

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