Surface Pro 4 Could Be the Last Iteration of the Tablet-Laptop Hybrid from Microsoft

Had the May launching of the Surface Pro 4 pushed through, the device would not have the Windows 10 onboard during its launching, but it should likely have the latest Microsoft operating system when it hits the retail markets in July.

Another indication that the Surface Pro 4 is about to be launched very soon is the huge price cuts that Microsoft offered buyers for Surface Pro 3.

Initial reports indicate that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is more energy efficient compared to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3, but the trade off is that it is weaker in performance than the latter.

Accordingly, the Surface Pro 4 has dropped the Haswell Dual-Core i5 and i7 Intel processors in favor of the new Intel Core M Broadwell chip, which is the same processor used by the new Apple MacBook and several other ultra-slim and fan-less laptops.


    1. Agreed. I can’t understand why Microsoft is struggling to sell this excellent device!

      If I had to make an educated guess, I’d say a huge factor in the bad adoption rate of the Surface line has to be Microsoft’s lack of international sales and support. In South Africa, for instance, there are MANY people walking around with Surface devices that they imported from the US during a trip or via eBay. It’s a popular device here, but we can’t get our hands on one since you can’t buy it from Microsoft locally. Importing is too scary for many since you have no local warranty/return policy that will save you from having to ship a broken device back to the states. Some local companies do sell them, but they are extremely expensive compared to US prices.

      In contrast, the Apple iPad have local re-sellers and support (incl. Apple Care) in a very large number of countries, including South Africa and the adoption of the iPad over here has been massive. Just about every person has one.

      If Microsoft focus more on the international market they will sell millions more, without a doubt!

      1. I couldn’t agree more. This is exactly the same situation here in Indonesia (Worse actually because you can’t import it).
        So many people want a Surface but the tablet is not available here.

  1. They aren’t going to ax the surface line. Each iteration is more successful than the last. Phones however…..

  2. If MS was going to ax the Surface line they would have done it on the 1 B write down two years ago. In my opinion, there will be more Surface iterations and more based upon Intels hardware roadmap. You have to realize that Intel develops more than processors but also software too. The partnership between Intel and Microsoft will bring the latest technology first to the business markets and then to the consumer. Surface 2 Pro showed this partnership with Microsoft introducing the Haswell line of processors. Surface 3 Pro introduced the Broadwell-M processors. Surface 4 Pro will have the Skylake processor line.

    In the consumer arena, Microsoft has already started this Intel partnership again with the Surface 3. This consumer tablet is introducing Intel’s X7 processor. If you do comparisons of the Z line with the X line there’s much overlap in processor capability. However, in power usage and graphics the X7 line is hands down the winner.

    In the Windows phone area, why would Microsoft spend 16 Billion to buy the handset side of Nokia only to scrap it? Moreover, why develop a total unifying Windows 10 when you’re going to scrap your phone division. I know you could say we will leave it up to HTC, Sony, LG and Samsung etc to develop phones using Windows but then again why should they? These companies all had Windows phones before then got out of it. I would see the Microsoft Lumia line follow the same development as the Surface line. The flagship phones ($500 – $700) will be geared for the business community and their consumer line ($150 – $300) that they have very well defined now like the 640/640XL. I would expect Microsoft to feature Intel’s X3 and X5 line in their next consumer release line of phones. Intel can not compete yet with Qualcomm, Nvidia, and now Samsung in the flagship line …. yet.

    As far as Apps, Windows 10 will get established App makers to go corporate where the profit margins will be much better. I would expect fb to introduce a business fb to the corporate community. Too many company leaks are open to the public domain when these social media sites are used.

    Microsoft will not get out of the Surface and Windows Phone lines of business because they could have done it years ago. If anything, they would get out of the consumer side and focus entirely on the corporate business end. Microsoft has an advantageous position in hardware because they are still considered a software company and not a yearly release road map pressure like Apple, Samsung, Sony etc.

  3. I have had the Surface Pro 3 since last summer, and as a MAC user, I can hands-down say that Apple can really learn a few things from Surface Pro 3. A fantastic product that is a must for students, people on the go, and anyone who is interested in a great product short and simple ! I am dying to get my hands on a Surface Pro 4 as I would like a bigger screen, but if they are planning to axe the surface pro series I am sure MS will fall out of choice by many many customers.

    As for windows phone, I had a Lumia 930 until recently, but had to change due to my employers use of apps only made for android and apple. The windows phone was also of very good quality. Great camera, great battery life, and built in a solid manner. A little heavy and I do wish it had a bigger screen. Now I am a happy owner of Iphone 6+ but I do miss the Lumia. I have arrived at the conclusion that there needs to more work done to their apps, number of them and uses for them, if they are going to be able to compete.

    Quality wise the two mentioned MS products are at least as good as apple, but MS is not able to provide the gimmicks and hallelujah needed to attract the younger generation. They should try with the two products mentioned!

    Good luck:-)

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