‘Super Smash Bros 4’ Gamers Awaiting the New Character DLC to Come to the Game at the Close of Fighter Ballot Voting!

Following the official release of the popular fighting game “Super Smash Bros 4” on Nintendo Wii U and 3DS in April, Game Director Masahiro Sakurai initiated the Fighter Ballot during the Direct event.

The Fighter Ballot actually asks fans to vote for the character whom they would like to see included in the popular fighting game. While its results are not normally available, the feature is actually a reminder to gamers that they are given the opportunity to request their favorite characters to be included in the game.

In addition to legacy characters like Mewtwo from “Pokemon” and Lucas from “Mother 3,” “Super Smash Bros 4” gamers could actually see in theory anyone they want to become the next challenger they want to see in the game.

The release of Roy from “Fire Emblem” and Ryu from “Street Fighter” as the third and fourth character DLCs, respectively, to “Super Smash Bros 4” in June were not ballot-related.

Gamers were allowed to vote as many times as they want, but Nintendo has set the deadline for the Fighter Ballot on October 3. And now that it is almost two weeks past the Fighter Ballot culmination, gamers are now eagerly anticipating who the next character DLC will come to “Super Smash Bros 4” very soon, notes the Christian Today.

Not just one but three characters

While the official results of the Fighter Ballot have yet to be announced by Nintendo, there are now leaks going around the internet indicating that it would not just be one but three third party DLC characters that will soon come to “Super Smash Bros 4.”

Apparently, the recent patch released on the game came with a code, which a keen gamer was able to explore and discover that “Super Smash Bros 4” has left three slots for new characters as well as two game stages.

While everything remains speculation at this time, the most popular and requested characters on “Super Smash Bros 4” are Dixie Kong and King R. Rool from “Donkey Kong Country,” Isaac from “Golden Sun,” Inkling from “Splatoon,” and Ridley from “Metroid.”

Also being rumored is Shovel Knight from the same-titled video game, which may have originated from Nintendo Life sources who revealed the character’s appearance in the lineup, details Realty Today.

Late in August, there were reports that came out saying that Professor Layton from the “Professor Layton” puzzle games on Nintendo DS and 3DS, will be next character that shall join the roster of fighters in “Super Smash Bros 4.”

It is possible that the three from these seven gamer-favorite characters will come to “Super Smash Bros 4” but since Nintendo has yet to come up with an official announcement or statement to confirm or deny the reports coming out, everything is up in the air at this time so everyone is still free to guess.

Shovel Knight Amiibo figurine could be a hint

Shovel Knight made it to the circulation as the next character DLC on “Super Smash Bros 4” after leaks of Shovel Knight Amiibo came out days before it was released.

Not only did it come as a surprise, it was actually shocking for Nintendo to have a third party directly release a new Amiibo figurine.

With an Amiibo figurine already out in the market, it seems pretty clear that Shovel Knight would occupy one of the rumored three DLC characters that will be coming to “Super Smash Bros 4” soon.

super smash bros

When Nintendo learned of the leaked screenshot of the Amiibo figurine of Shovel Knight in a website, the Japanese gaming company immediately deleted the web page. Game developer Yacht Club Games of “Shovel Knight” also dismissed the report as mere rumors. They also cautioned gamers into taking all the information going around the internet hook, line, and sinker, asking them to always take unconfirmed rumors with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, “Super Smash Bros 4” got an extra dose of excitement again with another DLC that came its way on September 30.


  1. There’s three characters mentioned in this article that I can assure you will NOT be fighters in the game. First off, they have explicitly said that Ridley from Metroid will not be a fighter, due to his immense size. Secondly, both King K. Rool and Inkling are already represented with the Mii costumes – it would make no sense, whatsoever, to Nintendo if they were to add them into the game.

    1. Fox, Cpt. Falcon, Samus, Meta Knight, Mega Man and Link are all Mii Costumes yet they are still in the game. Wario is a skin for mario and he is still in the game. Your argument is invalid.

      Why wouldn’t it make any sense though? They’re just costumes. They don’t have anything similar to the characters except their appearances. They don’t fight the same so I wouldn’t see a problem.

      1. your forgetting they became mii costumes after the characters were announced.King k rool and inkling of course aren’t in smash yet.Lets go Isaac!!

      2. All those characters were on the roster before they were made into mii costumes. Can you give me a mii costume that got turned into an actual character?

    2. No… We have mii fighter costumes of Link, samus, captain falcon, fox, and more so that doesn’t rule out K Rool and Inkling.

  2. I’ve just noticed the amount of people that voted for Shantae I think she has a pretty good chance of getting into the game

  3. @Damien

    Actually, those aren’t true.

    Inklings and K. Rool are still possible as a Mii costume means nothing in regards to conclusion. Otherwise we may say that Link and Meta Knight can’t be playable characters because they also had Mii costumes.

    Likewise is the Ridley argument faulty because he can easily be resized as that is what happened with other characters such as Bowser, Kirby, and Olimar.

    And as for the article, the Shovel Knight and Professor Layton rumors come out as very faulty and are already disproven themselves.

    1. None of those 3 characters you’ve mentioned have been “resized”.

      Bowser was always bigger than Mario, no matter how inconsistent his size was between games.

      Kirby was always the size he is in Smash, in all of his games.

      Finally, Olimar is supposed to be a short human. He was only small relative to the gigantic life-forms of the planet he visited.

      It’s never going to happen for Ridley. Otherwise, he wouldn’t quite be the same.

      1. @Devin R. Lowe All of your size examples are completely wrong so I would stop using them against Ridley. Bowser and Ridley are both inconsistently sized, in Metroid Prime 3 Ridley changes size within the same game. Kirby has always stated to be 8 inches tall, meaning he, Dedede and Meta Knight are all resized. And have you ever played a Pikmin game? The planet Olimar lands on is commonly regarded to BE Earth, he collects Earth fruit and items like batteries and a ROB head. Olimar is a couple inches tall, tops. Besides those, all the Pokemon are inconsistent with eachother based on the dimensions given in their games and Ganondorf is only about a head taller than Link despite being almost double Link’s height in Twilight Princess. So no, size changing is not, and never will be, a valid reason to keep Ridley out of Smash

    2. U guys are dumb. Link and the others have costumes and they’re still playable, Really? Link , Samus,Cpt Falcon, and Fox are all Veterans. you are saying that like they are newcomers.

  4. Dont forget Banjo and Kazooie ! They still have a chance but no one has mentioned them since Phil Spencer have them approval. Theyve also dominated numerous fan made polls.

  5. I hope banjo kazooie from banjo kazooie and banjo tooie make it to the roster it would be a day one buy for me love the series it would be one of the most surprising characters to join!

  6. I hate the claim Ridley is to big… CHARIZARD is like 10 feet tall in the anime..

    But no.. Ridley wont be in.. In his stage hes huge and they wouldnt shrink him and add him.. It wouldnt look right.

    I know which characters will be in..

    1. K Roll
    2. Inkling
    3. Tails

    Then 6 months later

    1. Issac
    2. Shantae
    3. Dixie Kong

  7. The reason why Ridley and King K. Rool are NOT going to be included is because, for the latter, he’s already been considered and they’ve decided not to bother with the character.
    For Ridley, it’s obvious. He is a large boss character, and thus will never be playable. Asking for Ridley to be playable is like asking for Rayquaza to be playable. It’s never going to happen.

    The very fact that a Shovel Knight amiibo has been released actually does give the theory of him being in SSB4 some weight, considering that the amiibo could easily be programmed to have character data for Smash.

  8. I would like to see all veterans come back as DLC, even the ones I didn’t play as much. For new comers, I feel Shovel Knight fits in with Smash Bros more than Shantae. I would like to see Jeff, Poo and Paula joins Ness as Earthbound reps. K. Rool, Dixie Kong, Geno, and Daisy would be nice. And it would be cool to see some more F-Zero reps like Samurai Goroh and Black Shadow.

    1. We need more heavyweight characters and third party characters. Which is why King K. Rool, Black Shadow, Egil (Xenoblade), and Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rayman, Frogger, Ken Masters, Bomberman, and Simon Belmont should enter Smash. Totally agree about the cut veterans though. Although I couldn’t care less about Young Link. Still wouldn’t mind him though. In fact, I know someone who really liked him in Melee.

  9. I know the characters I want (Demille and Marina Liteyears) won’t be in, so I don’t care who they put in.

  10. My top choices are
    1. Snake
    2. Shantae
    3. King K. Rool
    I still don’t understand veterans like Snake and Wolf aren’t in the game?? Bring them back like Lucas and Roy! And have the other 2 remaining slots be new comers. Seriously if it’s the Inkling crap…-.-

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