Star Trek Beyond Will Mix Things Up in Its Plot, Jumping Forward in Time!

from the last time we saw our favorite characters, including a forward jump in time which will make things a bit different for everyone. More precisely, about two years will have passed since the last installment in the series, and the crew is already far ahead on their mission.

According to initial previews, there will be a lot of tension in the new film and everyone will be nervous around their colleagues, to the point that there will apparently be some conflicts right from the start. Just how deep those will be is hard to tell from the information we have right now, but it seems like the ship will be deteriorating after all the time that has passed, and this will reflect on the attitude of pretty much everyone involved. Not only that, but the trust between the different characters will likely start to get eroded.

The ages of all characters will start to play into the story as well, and it doesn’t sound like it will be in any good way either, so all in all there will be a heavy feeling of tension all around once the film hits the screen. This, in turn, sets a pretty grim premise for the production as a whole, and we expect to see developments that will get fans thinking, possibly even right from the start.

There is some speculation that we’re going to see references to things that have happened in the earlier TV show from the franchise, as the jump in time would definitely make that plausible. As some publications have pointed out however, it’s worth keeping in mind that the entire timeline of the film has been changed with this installment, so it’s possible that there are some drastic differences to what happened previously.

Some have even speculated that the producers of the film actually have a lot of potential available in front of them, as they could now develop the story in a way that wasn’t very suitable for the format of the original TV show. Previously, the idea that the crew was feeling exhausted from their trip and wanted to head back home didn’t really make much sense, as the producers of the show wanted to keep fans looking forward to each new episode. On the other hand, now when the story is being told as one continuous sequence, the producers could easily set a darker, more serious tone with grim implications.

Whether or not this will be taken well by fans of the original “Star Trek” is hard to tell, as it does sound like the film will have a slightly different tone from the TV series, and this might not be very suitable for the tastes of its older fans.

star trek beyond

On the other hand, given the amount of time that has passed since the shows were on air, those fans will probably have a different attitude now as well, and they might be more receptive to developments like these, especially if they want to see a film with a deeper story and more substance and drama to it. “Star Trek” has always been fond of exploring unique themes during its runs, and we have no doubt that this film will continue that trend.

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