Splatoon 2 Inking with New Maps and Weapons

Splatoon 2 was announced to be released this year on January by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The game was officially released just last July 21. For the fans of the colorful, quirky and easy to love game, it comes with new weapons and maps! It is much more vibrant and exhilarating if you ask me.

The Splatoon game has been consistently exciting since it was introduced worldwide for the Nintendo Wii U last May 2015. It centers on human hybrids called Inklings that can transform into squid forms. Using ink guns, the players can hide or swim through colored ink sprayed surfaces.

Aside from ink guns, the players could also use different kinds of brush-based weapons or buckets. Its unique platform makes the game more appealing for the players and seemed to be always a blast to play.

Now it returns with Splatoon 2. It introduces us to new maps, weapons and a survival mode called Salmon Run. The classic Turf War is also back where the objective is to cover the most ground with as much paint as possible. A new in-depth story mode also comprises the game with new moves, techniques, bigger bosses and coming up with the right strategy to complete the objectives.

The game features several game modes including single player mode and 4-on-4 online multiplayer. While the multiplayer game is usually the most fun to play, the new single player mode in Splatoon 2 gives the player a fantastic introduction to weapons and creative platforms that they could use in the multiplayer mode.

A new map, Shifty Station, was unveiled by Nintendo for the second installment of the game. But this level will only appear during Splatfest events and won’t be included in the game’s usual stage rotation. It is presumed to debut with the game’s first Splatfest which is on the first weekend of August.

The awaited event will begin at 9PM PT on August 4 and will run for full 24 hours. The competition will revolve around choosing which condiment they prefer the most, mayo or ketchup?

Every time the players enter between Splatfests, they will be inking on a different version of the map since the layout of the map changes each time it appears in the game so it would be more challenging!

One of the new weapons announced by the developers is Splat Brella. Splat Brella is interestingly unique because it can be used in different ways. Brella is from “umbrella” because it acts like it.

Players can protect and shield themselves from the attacks of the opponents. Furthermore, the Splat Brella can also be used to launch attacks on their own. An extra perk of the new versatile weapon is that if you hold the trigger long enough, the umbrella part of it will fire forward and serve as am moving shield.

Also included in this new updates game, you get to meet a new pair of Octolings! Pearl and Marina are Splatoon’s 2 freshest new sounds. During Splatfests, the common square lights up and music booms through the streets starring the new octolings. The pair seemed goofy and ready to entertain the players.

splatoon 2Splatoon 2 is simple and maintains its entertaining quality to survive minor problems within the game. A stream of updates however is needed to keep the fans hooked for long. It is getting more appealing by the month and an absolute essential if you’re a video game player.


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