‘Sister Wives’ Season 8 Rumors of Kody Brown Getting Two New Wives to Replace His Four Existing Wives Seem Absurd, Critics Say!

The rumors about Kody Brown getting two new wives to replace his existing four wives seem absurd from all angles that many critics believe that those are just being propagated to hype the eighth season of the American reality drama TV series “Sister Wives” on TLC.

Based on the Season 7 finale of “Sister Wives,” Erica Hill hosted a tell-all interview with the polygamous Brown family beginning with the patriarch Kody Brown.

Back then, Kody was quoted as saying that he no longer wants to have another child with any of his four wives, including with Robyn Sullivan, his fourth and youngest wife, after she gave birth to their second baby, Ariella early this year.

He said that he is already 47 years old and no longer wants to have any addition to the family. So it came as rather surprising, albeit, absurd to see on the internet that less than a month later, rumors have been circulating wildly about Kody’s future plans.

According to latest speculations, Kody Brown has this ambitious plan on getting two new wives and dumping all four of his original wives.

In fact, the plan of Kody seems to have agitated not only his four wives but also the producers of the TV show and TLC that rumors are now saying that the network is now planning to let the ax fall on “Sister Wives” and cancel it for Season 8.

Nothing new to ‘Sister Wives’

The latest cancellation rumors about “Sister Wives” are nothing new to the TV series. After the Season 6 finale last year, there were also reports that Season 7 of the show would be canceled because three of the four wives are planning to leave Kody for good because his focus has been only on his fourth wife, Robyn.

But when the Season 7 of the show premiered, it was clear that those previous reports were merely hype and were propagated to spark interest and anticipation on the show.

Now, it seems that the Season 8 cancellation rumors are also following such hype and those speculations are unlikely to be true.

Given the Season 7 finale which also showed Kody voicing out his concern and love for all his four wives, it is, therefore, absurd to see him dump all of them and look for two new ones and start all over again.

Based on the rumors, Kody’s marriages to Meri, Christine, and Janelle have hit the rock bottom. The same reports also said that his marriage to Robyn is also in a challenging situation, despite delivering Ariella, her second child with Kody, recently, notes the Parent Herald.

An unreliable source

Interestingly, the rumors about Kody Brown dumping his four wives and getting two new ones did not come from Kody’s mouth but from a family friend of the Browns, Kendra Pollard.

Pollard said that it is likely that Kody would pick up Amber, a family friend of the Brown as well, and Mindy Jessop, a step-niece of Robyn, are reportedly to become the two new women whom Kody wants to become his new wives.

However, Pollard also said that Kody is becoming worried that his decision might be a deal-breaker for the popular TV show on TLC as the network would really not like it and shall eventually decide to cancel the TV series for good.

sister wives

In an interview with Pollard, she said that Kody does not want to keep dealing with his current wives because they have not been very supportive of him. It is for such reason that Kody allegedly is now planning to do the ultimate revenge by leaving all of them.

Pollard also disclosed that the two younger women whom Kody is eyeing to be his new wives are Amanda and Mindy Jessop, reports Yibada.

Amanda, who goes by the nickname of Amber, is a family friend of the Browns while Mindy is actually the step-niece of Robyn, who also used to babysit all of Kody’s 18 children with all his four wives.


  1. Kody’s oma squad must seem uninteresting to him now and to be happy in the future he needs a great deal more stimulation, which younger wives could offer in abundance. New and different experiences is what he craves. New wives could breath new life into a reality show that has become stale and unwatchable. Season eight depends entirely on the choices Brown makes. As long as the money keeps coming in, the other wives, Christine, Robyn, Meri, and especially Janelle will be pleased with whatever Kody decides to proceed to do to validate himself in the best way possible. It’s all about the money and always has been, everything else is secondary. Money equals happiness in the Brown family.

  2. With failing health issues, Kody has given up hopes of being married again and has resigned himself to stay with his four present wives. Janelle, Robyn, Christine and (original wife) Meri, have promised not to leave Brown but care for him as his medical condition inevitably deteriorates. All the family plans revolve, now, around this tragic turn of events. Coping with this new reality will be gradually introduced into the storyline and will eventually become the main focus of upcoming new season eight of Sister Wives on TLC.

    1. You are absolutely correct, Peg, thank you. I spoke too soon without knowing the details. It’s true that the condition that Kody is in will make it impossible to add any wives now to the family and he has reportedly abandoned all hope of that happening. The prognosis appears dire. Still, praying for a miracle to change all of this and spare Kody Brown though his faith and devotion by the way he has lived his life, always to serve others.

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