‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Unlikely to See a Bitter Meri for Giving Up Marriage with Kody Brown After 24 Years

While Robyn’s current pregnancy will just be her second with Kody, the child is to become the 18th member of the Brown kids as the patriarch also has children with his three other spiritual wives including Meri Barber, Janelle, and Christine.

Kody has one child with Meri, six children with Janelle, six children with Christine, and one child with Robyn. But Robyn has three children by her previous marriage.

When Meri Barber divorced Kody Brown in September last year after 24 years of marriage, which was aired in the series finale of Season 5 of “Sister Wives” on TLC, she was actually doing self-sacrifice.

Apparently, in order to get custody of the three children, Kody will formally adopt the kids and his official marriage with Robyn last December 2014 is the first step in the legal process.

However, Kody and Robyn will be up for a tough hurdle as Robyn’s ex-husband is planning to give them a run for the money in as far as children custody is concerned. According to sources, he is planning to make it difficult for both Robyn and Kody to gain custody over the three kids, which would possibly be another centerpiece plotline of the show for Season 6.


  1. I always feel so sorry for Janelle and Christine the way they are treated. Polygamy is wonderful if people are treated fairly and with respect.

  2. This needs to be the Robin Brown Show. Robin set out from day one to be THE Queen Bee of that show. Even though the other three are far more interesting than Robin constantly whining about her stupid jewelry, Robin has managed to convince TLC and dumb Kody that it really is all about her. She makes no bones about how she feels so mistreated because the others aren’t supporting her little childish dream. Perhaps they have sense enough not to get in a huge financial mess chasing rainbows? Glad she uses her baby making parts to hold on to TLC. Frankly. I don’t find them appealing enough to watch another season of the Robin Brown Show.

  3. Of course Mari will not say anything negative.. These women have been programed by their religion to suffer..Its required to get into heaven.OR where ever it is they think they will go.
    Its sad to see women believe in a religion made by men, for men. Taught to
    endure and sacrifice the wonderful closeness that women would love to have in a marriage, to the kind of dream world a man wants. Which is to freely have sex with more than one woman. And fall in love over and over.
    And never have to spend too much time standing still for any one woman’s problems.
    Must be nice to build a religion around such selfishness.

  4. I feel really sad watching this tv show reflecting only selfishness of one man and suffering of 4 women , hate kody

  5. Why does Robyn get a business that does nothing but burn savings but the other wives get there ideas shot down? Sadly unfair. Can’t Kody see this?

  6. I don’t see how any of the 4 find Cody good looking or a sexy stud. He is very egotistical, only thinks about himself, and his opinion is the only one that matters. Done with the show, Robyn Brown (because it is no longer Sister Wives) can have her show, what they have done, was not a wise decision.

  7. The shtf finally. Notyetbatman was a surprise to many, especially me. Meri has shown tremendous strength and I admire her to no end. Can’t even begin to image what she’s been through over this. She needs to heal, she needs kindness and forgiveness and I hope she gets it in abundance. Meri is a wonderful woman. Bless her.

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