Singapore Gets the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983!

BlackBerry continue to make their releases on various markets, despite some skepticism aimed at the company and its prospects for the future. While it’s true that they’ve lost their share of the market somewhat in recent years, they definitely still have an active following of fans who’re excited about every new release they make.

And among other things, BlackBerry are continuing their Porsche tradition, releasing a new installment in the line which just made its way to Singapore. The BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983 was just released in the country, after initially coming out in Canada and Hong Kong. The phone is a variant of another BlackBerry device, but adds a stylish design and a more refined finish, aimed at buyers who want a more luxurious designs.

The phone has been exclusively designed by Porsche Design and uses high-grade materials all over the device, including the keyboard. Its glass-like keys have been described as very nice to the touch and look, and the device as a whole gives off a solid vibe of exquisiteness and style, just like we’ve come to expect from a BlackBerry Porsche phone.

Something else special about the phone is that BlackBerry users with it get a special BlackBerry PIN, of the format 2AAXXXXX – this can let other users immediately identify an owner of a Porsche phone, serving as a community feature as well as a status symbol for some.

All in all, reception for the phone has been mostly positive so far, though some critics have noted that it still shares the same problems that the main BB10 line has, namely a lack of serious apps and some minor software issues. In the end though, the BB10 phones do what they should do quite well – they’re a solid offer for business-oriented users who want performance above all else in their phones, and the operating system has been significantly refined in order to give the best possible use experience.

Combined with an unparalleled typing experience with the BlackBerry keyboard, it’s obvious that the company has put a lot of effort into staying relevant, and they’ll likely keep making good releases for quite some time. There is still a lot of potential in BlackBerry phones, hopefully they realize it properly overt the next months/years.

blackberry porsche

Until then, we’re excited to see where the P’9983 lands next, as the phone is yet to make its way to certain markets around the world. It would be interesting to see if it gains popularity in some parts of the globe where Porsche phones have traditionally been unpopular before, but it will take some time before we actually get to see the results of the company’s spread of the Porsche Design.

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