Should the Elder Scrolls 6 Share Its Location with TESO? We will See!

“The Elder Scrolls Online” came out to somewhat mixed reception, as not all fans were entirely pleased with how Bethesda handled the game. On one hand, everyone was obviously excited to finally get a chance to explore the world of “The Elder Scrolls” in a MMO setting; on the other, the game was riddled with issues right from the start, and it took Bethesda some time to properly address all of them.

And during that time, interest in the game sharply declined, so it was no surprise that not many people came back to the slightly more polished version of the game a few months later. So with that in mind, it’s a bit strange that so many fans have been looking in the direction of “The Elder Scrolls Online” as a potential setting for “The Elder Scrolls 6” lately.

The game wasn’t set in Tamriel like the other traditional entries in the series, and the Summerset Isle was well received by most fans overall. While there is still a lot left to explore in Tamriel for any future games in the series, this doesn’t mean that Bethesda should necessarily stick to that area, and the studio could easily start exploring other locations in order to spice up the game even more.

Not everyone seems to be on board with the idea however, as some fans are strongly convinced that taking the single player series out of Tamriel would be a mistake. While it’s just a matter of name and lore in the end, and Bethesda should be able to handle both versions equally well, it should also be remembered that immersion is always a major factor in “The Elder Scrolls”, and if players can’t relate to their environment too well, this could affect their perception of the game as a whole.

It’s currently speculated quite a lot that Bethesda are preparing to announce the game during E3. While we do know that the studio is planning an appearance at the event, we don’t know exactly what they’ll be showing there – and currently, rumors are split between “The Elder Scrolls 6” and “Fallout 4”. Both are equally possible, given recent trends, and there is a good indication that Bethesda have been working on something on the “Fallout” front specifically too.

Elder Scrolls 6

With a few months left to go until the major event, eager fans should keep an eye out for any possible rumors, as we’ll likely start hearing about the major announcement some weeks before it arrives. Bethesda will probably do their best to keep it under wraps until they’re actually ready to come out on the stage themselves, but even they sometimes fall victim to the occasional leak.

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