Sherlock Season 4 Getting Closer to First Filming Sessions, Production Reportedly Running Smoothly, And More!

Fans of “Sherlock” have been a bit worried about the future of the show over the last few weeks, as there were some minor rumors that there could be issues behind the scene, possibly leading up to unexpected delays. And even though those rumors were relatively minor and mostly the product of fan discussions, some were still wondering about what’s to come. Recent reports have more or less put everyone’s mind to rest however, as it’s now claimed that the production is running smoothly and actual filming should commence soon enough.

Reports claim that sets for the next season of the show are already being built up, and while most of the season is supposedly going to be shot in Wales, there are also claims that some scenes will take the crew to different locations, but it’s not known where yet. There are various possibilities for where “Sherlock” could go in its filming, even if the producers don’t want to depict a particular location realistically, so as can be expected, fans have been trying hard to guess.

In the middle of those reports, fans are mostly talking about what they would like to see in the new season of “Sherlock”, and what kinds of changes the show should implement in order to improve the overall formula. Many apparently liked “The Abominable Bride”, but now people are calling for something a bit different, something that brings the show closer to its roots of a detective mystery that talks about more real issues.

The original inspiration for “Sherlock” is, after all, one of the hallmarks in the crime/mystery genre, and even though it’s definitely good to see the show exploring the topics that we saw in “The Abominable Bride” every once in a while, its producers should of course not forget where they started from.

Some fans seem excited about seeing an even stronger twist on the original idea for Sherlock’s character. We’ve already seen him transformed from his “predecessor” quite a bit by putting the story in modern times, but according to many fans, the producers could potentially do even more to make the overall premise more interesting and give it a life of its own.

In any case, fans should not expect the season to arrive anytime soon. The show is known for its more peculiar production schedule, due to the way its episodes are structured, and according to reports, if filming does start soon we should expect season 4 to air sometime in the beginning of 2017. January is a prediction given by some, but of course it’s hard to make any accurate assumptions about something so far away. It’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be a long wait that includes periods without any news though, so those who like to engage in discussions about the show should probably arm themselves with a lot of patience. It’s very likely that those discussions are about to be dominated by rumors and unconfirmed talks very soon.

Sherlock TV series

Hopefully we’re going to get more interesting hints like the set pictures that have been posted on Twitter recently, as things like this do a lot to get fans talking and make them even more excited about the future of the show. The fact that the people behind “Sherlock” are so active in their interaction with their fans only adds to the loyalty towards the show, so if they keep up the same pace they should have no problems with their popularity once the next season hits the screen.

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