Scriptwriters Confirm ‘Prometheus 2’ Will Be Set on Earth

Last month, there have been reports that the official title of the sequel to the science-fiction flick “Prometheus” shown in 2012 will be “Prometheus: Hell on Earth.”

The title already hinted that the location of the film will be on earth instead of outer space and other worlds which was the case in “Prometheus.”

Nimrod Antal, director of “Predators,” revealed early in March that he has talked to Ridley Scott while he was in London and the “Prometheus 2” director told him that the sequel to “Prometheus” will not focus on the Engineer’s homeworld but on earth.

According to Scott, new characters from earth will be introduced in “Prometheus 2” as the spaceship where Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace, is onboard will be detected by a Wayland-sponsored private military and will go after it.

He said that Elizabeth will die in the sequel but a woman military hero will take her place. Antal also said that the Engineer’s home planet would not be revealed until the third installment of the franchise.

Earlier reports have also quoted Scott talking about how the sequel shall focus on Elizabeth and the already decapitated android David, played by Michael Fassbender, as they continue to search for the Engineer’s homeworld.

He confirmed then that the sequel has to revolve on the story of the two since there is no way to have somebody go off into a galaxy and have a person who still got his head off.

Aliens coming to earth

Reports are now rife that the script for “Prometheus 2” is already finished and filming for the movie is also about to begin this year.

Just recently Fox was quoted as saying that scriptwriters Matthew Holloway and Art Marcum, two of the writers who wrote the script for “Iron Man” pretty much confirmed that “Prometheus 2” will be set on earth since the plotline will actually detail how aliens came to the planet, reports Venture Capital Post.

There is another report saying that the location will be set on one of the home planets of the Engineers which could actually be earth. This means that the aliens shall no longer be the villains in “Prometheus 2.” The movie shall apparently draw inspiration from the plot of the “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”

Ridley Scott, who is directing the second installment of the science-fiction thriller, is said to be wrapping up post-production work for his space exploration drama titled “The Martian” before he starts working on helming “Prometheus 2.”

Earlier reports indicate that “Prometheus 2” has a March 4, 2016 playdate and that it will be shown before the “Alien 5” film is released.

prometheus 2

As established in “Prometheus,” there is an interconnection in both series which the two upcoming films will maintain. In Marvel or in DC movies, it is referred to as shared cinematic universe.

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