Scream Season 3 Details Previewed in the Recent Halloween Special, New Killer Brought In, And More

Fans of “Scream” got to celebrate Halloween a bit early this year, as the show’s producers decided to release their Halloween special episode about two weeks before the actual event. It was a special treat for followers of the production, as the second season is already over and there are no regularly scheduled episodes at the moment.

The episode was actually quite the important one for a variety of reasons, mostly because it gave us a glimpse at the new killer being brought into the story. He looks like quite the serious “professional”, as the episode immediately kicks off with a brutal scene involving him. A murderer who just got sentenced to multiple consecutive life sentences ends up dead at the hands of the new killer, as does one of the prison guards supposed to be protecting him.

The scene showed a lot of viciousness and cold calculation from the murderer, and it’s obvious that this is no ordinary villain. We’re likely going to see some pretty scary stories in season 3 if this was indicative of the trend in the upcoming episodes, and judging by the discussions of fans online, most of them were quite impressed with that scene as well.

Of course, the whole thing soon starts to link to Halloween in one way or another – after all, the episode has a certain theme that had to be followed. We were briefly introduced to a mysterious legend surrounding the killer and his past, and the main characters’ group ends up heading for a weekend on a place dubbed “Murder Island”, although they seem largely unaware of the history behind it.

The group was actually doing fine at first, but things quickly started going downhill soon enough, and the episode featured many tense scenes that really put everyone on edge. Towards the end, we got an interesting plot twist, and it looks like most fans weren’t actually prepared for the story to take off in that direction.

But in the end, this is “Scream”, and the whole show is practically based on the idea of plot twists and throwing surprising developments right in the viewers’ faces. We suspect that we weren’t even told the full story by the end of the Halloween special, and that there’s even more that the producers are planning for season 3.

In any case, it’s starting to shape up to be quite the strong season, at least if this preview is to be of any indication. Some fans of “Scream” were worried that the show was seemingly starting to go downhill towards the end of season 2, but it’s becoming more and more clear that the producers actually have a good idea for what they want to do with this show in the future, and how they can evolve it further.

The whole premise for “Scream” was seen as a good idea by many, so the showrunners didn’t find it hard to bring in a large audience, but it’s going to take some work to retain those viewers.


Just because slashers have a reputation for running for multiple installments without the need for serious changes doesn’t mean that the same can be carried over to the TV format of “Scream”, and the show will definitely need to change some details about its plot if the producers want to keep it fresh. But we already saw some shocking developments in the Halloween special, which wasn’t even part of season 3, so we have high hopes for what the new season is going to bring.

Is there a traitor among the group? That would be one of the most obvious developments for a show like this, actually, and many fans have been discussing the possibility that someone is playing a double game.

Who exactly that might be though, remains to be seen, and there are multiple theories going around right now. It’s entirely possible that the cast is going to look quite different by the time season 3 is over, and who’s going to remain seems to be under a major question mark at the moment.

It’s also worth pointing out that the show is undergoing some changes behind the scenes for this season, with a new set of producers and a smaller number of episodes. Some saw this as a bad sign for the future of “Scream”, and many suspect that this is an indication that the show is going to end after the next season.

We still don’t know whether that’s true or not however, as the producers haven’t made any comments on the situation. If there really is something going on that will lead up to the show’s cancellation though, they should definitely be more open with their fans and not keep them in the dark for too long. Otherwise, this will come back to bite them later on.

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