Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors And Speculation Hit The Web Hard!

When it comes to the smartphone world, any news is going to hit the web like a ton of bricks. The news, no matter what it might be about, spreads so quickly that companies can barely keep up with it. Since smartphone companies have decided it was going to be a normal thing to release a brand new version of a smartphone each year, the mobile news industry has been a wild ride. Recently, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was released and it was well received as usual.

The specs are awesome, the size is perfect and the touch screen display is one of the best in the industry, but that did not keep fans of the Samsung devices from thinking about the next model on the list. The next model, as you could guess, is the Samsung Galaxy S7 and even though it might not be released for a little while, the rumors have already started. It looks like the early reports are suggesting that it could be seen in Korea as early as the first quarter of 2016.

Samsung has been releasing some of the best, high performance devices on the market for many years now, but it has not been able to steal too much of the valuable market share away from Apple. Apple clearly leads in that department, but in terms of devices that are not powered by iOS, Samsung is number one. According to one report, Samsung has started to work on the Samsung Galaxy S7 about three months sooner than previous models.

As you can imagine, that report has consumers speculating that they might be able to get their hands on the device even sooner. The odds are pretty good that Samsung is going to stick to the release schedule it has used over the years, but you never know. The company has also been known to shake things up a little bit here and there. Another report suggested that the company could be headed back to the Qualcomm processors for the next version of the Galaxy smartphone line.

samsung galaxy s7

Another one of the most talked about rumors suggests that Samsung could also go with a curved screen on the Samsung Galaxy S7, as well as the Galaxy Note 5 when it arrives. Judging by the reception of the curved screen that showed up on the Galaxy S6 Edge this year, it must have been an eye opening experience for them if they are looking to bring it back again. Over the years, some prototypes have been showing up at shows with flexible screens. Samsung has been rumored to be bringing a flexible screen to the market for a few years now, but this year could be the year.

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