Samsung Galaxy S5 Gets Major Price Cut Offering Consumers A Great Deal, More Details!

Just like Apple, Samsung has been in the technology game for many years now. Making billions of dollars each year selling smartphones, laptops, cameras, HD televisions, software and hardware all over the world. Samsung has made a great name for itself in the smartphone category with the Galaxy series. Ever since the first Galaxy smartphone showed up at stores, Samsung knew they had something special and has been releasing upgraded models each year since and that includes the latest, Samsung Galaxy S6.

Before the Galaxy S6 arrived on the market, the smartphone game was taken by storm by the Samsung Galaxy S5, which was released last year to rave reviews and millions in sales. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is still a very popular smartphone. In fact, depending on who you ask, the phone has a few features that are missed with the S6 and S6 Edge released this year, keeping the buzz alive. This week there is more buzz surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S5.

That buzz is coming from around the world, but focusing on India where the Samsung Galaxy S5 found a major price cut for consumers. Not to be undone, Amazon has also posted a major upgrade deal on the website. For just $29.99, you can get the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 with a new two-year contract. For what the Samsung Galaxy S5 is, that is one of the best deals you are going to see for months to come.

Putting a Samsung and Apple device next to one another you will be able to easily see where the Samsung Galaxy S5 has features that Apple iPhone users wish they had access to. Of course, it goes both ways and the iPhone is certainly better at things that the Galaxy devices are not. Two of the favorite features include a removable battery and expansion slots for memory that you can remove if needed. The Apple iPhone has never had those options and it has been a thorn in consumers’ side for years. Basically, if you are looking for an upgrade, now is the time to act.

Samsung Galaxy S5

As the Samsung Galaxy S6 makes its way into the history books, some fans will be looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S7. Until then, those that have not been able to experience a high end device like the Samsung Galaxy S5, will have a chance to pick one up for cheap and give it a ride. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was even pinned as the “iPhone Killer” at one point, but Samsung has yet to find that magical formula that will allow them to remove some of that much wanted smartphone market away from Apple.

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