Samsung Galaxy S3 Still Owns the Reputation of Being the Most Successful Android Phone of All Time, More Details

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a very historical smartphone for the Korean tech giant. When it was launched as a flagship smartphone by Samsung in May 2012, it became the turning point for the Korean tech company to become the biggest smartphone maker in the world, shipping an unprecedented number of over 50 million units of the handsets worldwide.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is actually the most successful Android phone of all time and despite the coming of subsequent flagship smartphones from various smartphone makers in the following years, it continues to hold its own in terms of features and specifications, not to mention durability.

Best of all, considering the rather pricy flagship smartphones that started coming out into the markets after the Samsung Galaxy S3, it obviously enjoys great value for money compared to its competition.

In fact, it was because of the humungous success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that has made its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the most widely-anticipated flagship smartphone of 2013.

Negative comments

Amid its superb features, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has had its fair share of negative comments as well since everyone knows that you can’t please everybody.

There have been reports in the past that the Samsung Galaxy S3 did not do well in the drop tests and that its quality was suspect, especially when it was compared to the Apple iPhone 5 back then.

As a result, the comparison only fuelled the divide and debate between Android and iOS mobile device users, which they have carried on to this day, but not as pronounced as it was back in 2012.

Some critics also questioned the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S3 even though it is still one of the better performing smartphones when it comes to battery life even when compared to the latest handsets in the market today.

Superb design

When the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out in 2012, it carried with it a superb design but somehow appeared to have gone on the cheap side when it used a glossy plastic back as opposed to the premium materials used then by the iPhone 4S and the HTC One X, recalls Trusted Reviews.

But placed against the Sony Xperia S, the Samsung Galaxy S3 showed that it can really hold its own in terms of craftsmanship.

Despite using a glossy plastic backplate which is actually polycarbonate, the material is quite tough due to its pliability and makes the handset also scratch-resistant better than the mere scratch-resistant coating that was used on the HTC One X, the Sony Xperia S, and the glass of the iPhone 4S.

samsung galaxy s3

Another good thing going for the users of the smartphone is that it is quite inexpensive for them to get replacement backs for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that they simply cannot do so with its competitors.

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