‘Rookie Blue’ Former Showrunner Says Every Day Without a Renewal is Another Nail on the Coffin of the Show’s Season 7!

Season 7 of the Canadian police drama TV series “Rookie Blue” is now up in the air and it is not clear if it will be renewed both in Global TV in Canada and ABC in the US.

Immediately after the TV series ended its 11-episode run for Season 6 in Canada on July 29, executive producer Tassie Cameron disclosed that the first four episodes of Season 7 have already been scripted.

Though it appears that at that point, the showrunner had to stop writing the subsequent fifth episode pending the decision of the network whether to go on with the show or not.

Both Global TV and ABC have yet to signify their intentions to renew the show for Season 7 and according to Cameron in the first week of September that every day without a renewal is another nail on the “Rookie Blue” Season 7 coffin, cites RenewCancel TV.

Felt like goodbye

While the networks have yet to state whether they are renewing or officially cancelling Season 7 of “Rookie Blue,” Missy Peregrym, who plays protagonist Andy McNally in the TV series, feels that the Season 6 finale was already a goodbye.

The sentiment actually emanates from the statement of ABC network chief Paul Lee in early August when he said that he salutes “Rookie Blue” for its great run, but they simply do not have anything to announce at that point.

It was a different scenario for Paul Lee as six months back, or just before Season 6 of “Rookie Blue” premiered in Canada, he actually left the door open for the Season 7 because he hopes the series sticks around for a very long, long time. Cameron, for her part, said that they will leave some things open in Season 6 for a potential continuation.

Not too bad ratings

TV shows are often cancelled due to their poor ratings but during the just-concluded Season 6 of “Rookie Blue,” it posted an average of 3.5 million viewers for its 11-episode run, notes TV Line.

While it is a good figure, it was actually the lowest for the TV series during its six-year run on the small screen, which may not be a good omen for “Rookie Blue.”

The TV series did maintain its loyal viewers but it actually recorded its lowest ratings during its last few episodes on ABC, giving its direct competition in the 10 pm timeslot, CBS’s “Under the Dome” a clear advantage in viewership.

When the TV ratings were released for August 20, it showed that “Under the Dome” had a 13% rise from its ratings the week before with 0.9/3 viewership score, while “Rookie Blue” dropped 17% from the previous week’s rating with a 0.5/2 viewership aggregate. “Rookie Blue” actually hit a series low in the key demo during its 10th episode.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s likelihood of staying on the air. The higher is the show’s the ratings, particularly in the 18 to 49 years old viewer demographics, the better the chances for survival.

While most of the rumors and speculations indicate that “Rookie Blue” is unlikely to be renewed for Season 7, there is a glimmer of hope that it might.

rookie blue

Accordingly, the fact that showrunner Tassie Cameron relinquished her post recently to Sherry White means that something might really be in the works and “Rookie Blue” might be renewed for Season 7.

There is logic to the assessment since it is no use for Cameron to relinquish her position as show executive producer to somebody if she knew from the start that Season 6 will ultimately be the last for “Rookie Blue.”


  1. Rookie Blue is the last truly contemporary 10 star Canadian drama series, if it’s not renewed, I could end too. RENEW ROOKIE BLUE

  2. How can they even think of not renewing this show – it’s the best show on summer tv. Under the Dome was a farce their ratings were higher because everyone there was no where to go with this show so it had to be the last season. Rookie Blue has dedicated followers and there are so many story lines to explore PLEASE PLEASE KEEP IT GOING.

  3. Please bring Rookie Blue Back…it’s refreshing …. great actors great script s a lot of cop shows but Rookie Blue #1…make me smile again…Thank You…

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