Roku 4 Expected to Keep Lead in Streaming Devices Market Amid Improved Features of Apple TV and Other Competitors!

The fourth iteration of Roku’s streaming device, the Roku 4, will come out before the end of the year, several months later after the launching of the Apple TV box featuring the voice-recognition capabilities from the familiar Siri assistant that Apple device users have become acquainted with on their iPhones and iPads.

The American tech giant unveiled the new Apple TV on September 9 and its video streaming box was touted to become the new benchmark among streaming devices thereafter.

While many were convinced that Apple did come out with a worthy competitor for Roku in the streaming devices market, those who have been in the business far too long believe that the American tech giant may eventually get a new share of the market from other competitors like the Google Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV, but not on Roku’s market share.

Accordingly, Apple has failed to entice customers to go for its streaming devices since the company gradually revises the hardware and speed of its Apple TV, which its other competitors do not do, notes Christian Today.

It is not clear if the new Apple TV streaming box has the same downside.

Roku is already in a class all its own in the streaming devices market and its 34% market share in the US as of last year is already a clear indication that it simply cannot be dislodged by any new product from its competition.

Preserving its market share

The company’s market share has even increased during the first quarter of this year as Roku accounted for a 37% of the US households with streaming devices, followed by Google Chromecast with 19%, then by Apple TV with 17%, and then by Amazon Fire TV with 14%, according to Day Herald.

Analysts believe that the new Apple TV will not eat on the 37% market share of Roku but on the 19% of Google Chromecast and the 14% of Amazon Fire TV.

They also think that once Roku 4 is released in a few months or weeks time, it will become another game changer in the video streaming devices market and will most likely eat on the respective shares of Google, Apple, and Amazon altogether.

They are one with the opinion that the only one which can prevent Roku from keeping its lofty status in the streaming devices market is its own self. If it will come out with the Roku 4 that does not live up to the hype it has created for the device, then that would be the time when it would probably lose its grip on the market leadership.

But if the Roku 4 comes out that way it is being hyped or leaked, then Roku is expected to continue its domination of the video streaming devices in the market in the US as well as in other parts of the world.

Confident against competitors

It really appears that the tech company based in Saratoga, California is confident of being able to hold off the competition, notwithstanding the recently launched Apple TV.

Roku CEO Anthony Wood confidently stated recently that it can certainly fend off the threats being posed by main rivals in the streaming devices market including Google, Apple, and Amazon.

While the company still holds an edge over its major market rivals, it will further build on its lead with the upcoming launching of the Roku 4

Roku 4 is expected to come out of the market with a price tag of $100 or maybe more, and as such it will be the second most expensive streaming device in the market by the end of the year, next only to the new Apple TV which is priced at $149.

Although the company has been keeping things under wraps regarding the features of the Roku 4, rumors and speculations have already been swirling from as early as late last year about it.

Roku 4 will reportedly come out with 4K support, faster processing speeds and more memory at a minimum, which makes its retail price really worth it.

roku 4

The company may have difficulty working on the price for Roku 4, but other companies in the market are also experiencing the same. The media streaming war has certainly taken on a new level which means good things for the consumers.

As more consumers are cutting the cable cord, alternative TV options are increasing and improving, which will only get stronger over the next couple of years.


  1. You guys are ignoring the fact that Amazon just announced their second iteration of Fire TV, complete with increased memory, 4K support, HBO Now support, and SD storage support for apps and games – with a $99 price tag ($139 for the gaming edition). If Roku wants to stay competitive, they need to at least come in at those price points, or offer features that Apple and Amazon simply do not.

    1. Unless Amazon Fire TV gets an app that shows your Ultraviolet movie locker films in high definition, it will have a distinct disadvantage when put up against a new Roku box. Currently you can use flixter on Fire TV, but that is only in standard def. If Amazon becomes UV friendly at some point then it may pose a challenge.

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