Robert Downey Jr. – Showing Up in Iron Man 4 or not? Fans Still Debating!

The appearance of Robert Downey Jr. in the (allegedly) upcoming “Iron Man 4” has been under much speculation, and there is a good reason to believe that the actor isn’t going to play in the new film. However, there have also been rumors that fans will in fact get to see him in his iconic role, and the discussion has been going on for several months now. At one point the actor stepped forward to say that there wasn’t actually any plan for a fourth movie, and so the production remains a rumor.

A rumor that’s still pretty strong however, as lots of people are still strongly convinced that Tony Stark will be back on the screen for another exciting adventure. Robert Downey Jr. has been giving various hints about the character’s role in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, but hasn’t been discussing the topic of “Iron Man 4” in particular.

So far, most of the actor’s fans seem convinced that the movie really is happening, and it’s going to feature Robert Downey Jr. as well, but it continues to be a huge point of speculation. Some of his fans have also been questioning whether it would actually make a lot of sense to release another “Iron Man” film at this point, as they don’t seem convinced that Robert Downey Jr. will live up to the huge expectations they have towards the new production right now.

It’s also been rumored that Robert Downey Jr. might decide to completely change his acting direction at this point, and orient himself to another type of role that isn’t focused on a superhero character. This might also be a hit-or-miss type of scenario, and fans have been wary of the possibility. Still, the actor has proven that he has a lot of potential and experience covering different types of characters, and it definitely would be interested to see him portraying someone different.

For what it’s worth, he seems quite comfortable in his current position acting in superhero movies, so he might continue doing that for some time. The actor himself has been (perhaps intentionally) cryptic about where his career is headed next, but we wouldn’t put it past him to release another few movies in which he’s portraying a well-known superhero, even if it’s not Tony Stark.

Iron Man 4

Until Robert Downey Jr. – or someone else close to the rumored production – says something about “Iron Man 4”, the film is still a myth, but one that continues to gain traction in the community of the franchise’s fans. If something really is being prepared behind the scenes, it shouldn’t be too long before we hear an official announcement.

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