Retina Display to Become the Norm for Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation and Future Media Player Iterations

Apple has discontinued production and sale of the original iPad mini, the mini-tablet which has A5 processor on it and non-Retina display. It can be noted even in the American tech giant’s website that the device is no longer being offered for sale.

Apparently, the move has something to do with the recent decision of Apple to put an end to the non-Retina display era for its iPad range, notes iTWire.

Consequently, the company is planning to do the same with its iPod Touch devices. It is likely that all of Apple’s media players from the current iPod Touch 5th Generation and back shall no longer be produced and sold because they are still using non-Retina displays.

The Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation is also using an A5 processor which is on the way out as well so it is likely that the media player launched in 2012 will no longer be sold down the road.

The good news for media player enthusiasts is that the Apple is about to roll out the iPod Touch 6th Generation this coming September, which shall feature a Retina display. So when the device comes out, Retina displays will become the norm for all of future media players from Apple.

Sure launching

Apple is almost sure to launch its iPod Touch 6th Generation in September along with the company’s latest set of iPhones. Latest reports say that the American tech giant will unveil its iPod Touch 6th Generation this coming fall with possible starting selling prices of $250 and $300 depending on the variant.

The coming of the Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation this year actually marks the third year since the American tech company launched to the retail markets the iPod Touch 5th Generation in 2012.

The upcoming Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation is expected to be like the usual iPod but is converged with an iPhone, making it like a two-in-one device.

This means that the features of the upcoming music device from the American tech giant shall combine those that were highlighted on the iPod Touch 5th Generation released to the retail markets in 2012 and the latest iPhones.

Plausible reality

While there have been previous skepticisms about the launching of the iPod Touch 6th Generation as some believe that the iPod Touch 5th Generation is to be the last media player to come out from Apple, the deluge of information, features and specifications that have already been released since last year, really makes the iPod Touch 6th Generation a plausible reality.

Since Apple has not been making any official statement to either confirm or deny the speculations about the iPod Touch 6th Generation, many argue that it has been typical of Apple to be mum on all its gadgets and devices prior to their launchings. The company usually makes official statements during or after its product launches.

Apple iPod Touch 6G

In addition to its water-resistant and Siri features, Apple is said to be putting a lot of groundbreaking features on the music device to ensure that it will have a captured market once it’s released this coming September.

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