Prometheus 2 Loses Xenomorphs And Gains A Dark Paradise!

There is little reason to believe that Prometheus 2 is not going to be as successful as the original movie by Ridely Scott. Granted, the movie is nowhere near completion and is reportedly still in the script stages, but there is plenty of talk about it. Fans of the first one have been searching for information online since the first rumors showed up on news feeds around the web a few months ago. Ridley Scott has talked about the direction and the fact that you cannot end a movie like the original did without needing to tell more of the story.

That is an easy way of saying there will be a sequel and now it is just a matter of what direction that movie takes and how long it will take to get it filmed. The first one showed up in theaters more than three years ago and it was a huge success with fans speculating that it was actually a prequel to the Alien movie series.

According to information from sources that interviewed Scott, the second movie will not feature any xenomorphs. It would seem that Scott is trying to keep this new movie series apart from his popular Alien movies and keeping the xenomorphs out of it is one way to separate the two. It was the fact that fans saw a familiar creature at the end of Prometheus that led to the rumors about it being a prequel, but Scott is not confirming that at all.

It would seem that he is moving away from that story line as far as he can and critics and fans alike feel the same way. Movie goers want to see something new when they watch movies and not something that was done already of just feels like an extension of what they have seen in the past. Scott said, “the beast is done. Cooked.” referring to Alien, then going on to say that it is a very hard to repeat that.

Prometheus 2

The director is done with the old story line and wants to something more interesting and feels like he “found the next step” saying the Engineers was a good start. Scott did not promise that you might not see the xenomorphs in the new movie, but did make it clear he was moving from them. The new alien is going to be fresh and something that is better than the original, something to give fans something to talk about once again. Other details have been very rare to come across.


  1. 1979-2014: Number of movies the Xenomorphs have appeared in

    (6), 4-main series, 2-spin-offs.
    (Prometheus not counted, Predator 2 not counted, as they have background hints of existing)

    I would hardly consider four focus movies and two cross-overs in a span of 30+ years as “done” and “cooked”. However I can understand a specific director feeling that (THEIR PART) in the story is done as they feel they have nothing left they can contribute to it, and leave it to someone else. Just like anyone working on any franchise. However looking at other “horror icons” the Xenomorphs, and especially the Yautja who are often dragged along with them. Have taken baby steps in movies.

    It just we feel they are more common thanks to comic books, videogames, and art (both fan and official). However movie wise they barely have anything. Godzilla, Jason, Freddy, all bury the Xenomorphs in terms of movies. Although they also illustrate why its a good idea to try and be careful going forward. Sequels are never meant to be watched back to back with each other, and marathoning anyone of these icons can demonstrate just how off they become over time, for good and bad.

    Aliens movies, marathoned, first and Aliens flow pretty well, slight tone shift. Third goes darker and despite how much I disliked their choices has that same feel, the fourth was entertaining but marathoned is (jarring) to say the least in its massive tone shifts *heck even the lighting is vastly different*

    But that just illustrates changes that should be made. I want Alien 5, but I don’t want yet another small group of people in some isolated location made up of corridors fighting them. For all the flak it gets, and deserves, AvP:R at least tried to change the basic setting.

  2. Separate but needs to be said. Prometheus to me was another (Giger love letter) movie, focusing on another of the “characters” that appear in his art. The large bald man wearing the exo-skeleton. Often seen being horribly violated by various creatures, including the proto-type forms of the face huggers. Which they snuck into the mural (bottom left and right), central figure, possible crest, pointing to two Xenomorph imprints left and right, with a death machine II inspired bit (at least looks like it to me) below and hidden behind the alter in the movie.

    Given that many of Giger’s “characters” have now been in movies from his art. What would the “fresh” monster be? If its the shape shifting killer female creature, we kind of got that with Sil (but it could be done better and more Eldritch like the actual art). Otherwise I’d hate to think Ridley Scott wants to use that baby…creepy as it is I feel like it was Giger’s self-insert. A small infant trapped in a world of nightmarish horrors.

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