Prince Hans Could Return to ‘Frozen 2’ as a Redeemed Person, More Details

Now that the sequel to the most successful animated Disney film in recent years has been confirmed, speculations are now focused on the possible plotline of “Frozen 2.”

John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, after making the official announcement about “Frozen 2” last month, also confirmed that much of the characters in the first movie will return to the sequel to be led of course by Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.

The Latino Post said that the sequel’s plot is something that millions of fans of “Frozen” the world over should really be excited about especially when they got word that most of the old characters will be back to Arendelle along with some new ones.

One of the most fascinating reports that came out is the possible return of Prince Hans, the pretending royalty whom Anna thought is her Prince Charming but was actually after Elsa’s throne and the whole of Arendelle.

A new female villain

As latest reports about “Frozen 2” also indicate that there will be a new female villain, speculations are rife that Prince Hans will also be back in the cast. But instead of being a treacherous and scheming person, he will reportedly return to the sequel as a redeemed man.

In fact, there have been hints that Hans may actually return to Arendelle to help Elsa and Anna fend off the attacks of the new villain in order to save and restore peace to the kingdom.

While Hans is a lot sleekier and more refined than Kristoff is in “Frozen,” he was described as one of the sneakiest and most sinister Disney villains of all time.

But he has a redeeming value in his good looks, charm, and politeness, which Disney might take advantage of and put into play for “Frozen 2.” Prince Hans would likely prove to Elsa, Anna, and Arendelle that he is a changed man once he steps up and do something to save the kingdom from a new threat.

Elsa’s love interest?

Assuming that reports about a redeemed Prince Hans returning to “Frozen 2” is accurate, the next wave of speculations is that he would become the eventual partner of Queen Elsa in the sequel. Anna is already out of the question as far as partner is concerned since she already has Kristoff.

There have been reports also that mentioned that Queen Elsa will eventually be paired with Jack Frost, notwithstanding her powers since she cannot possibly be in love or in a relationship with a mere human as she would risk the life of her partner, the way she did to Anna in “Frozen.”


“Frozen 2” is still in the development phase as writers Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, are very much focused on it. Peter Del Vecho will be producing the animated film. The movie is likely to be released in 2018 but no exact date has been announced yet.

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  1. I have some ideas that would be here,maybe.For example,Hans would take a vengeance for the kingdom qith the 12 brothers using the power of the flower of Rapunzel if the Frozen crossover with Tangled.European Civil war between south countries with Hans and 12 brothers vs north countries with Rapunzel Elsa Kristoof Yujin and Anna for the kingdom of Arrendel.More info,please send me message on gmail.Thanks for reading

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