‘Pokemon Z’ Release Pushed Back in Favor of ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Which Will Come Out This Year!

As the highly-anticipated role-playing game “Pokemon Z” is unlikely to be released this year, game developer Game Freak will come up with the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” game in 2016.

While it has yet to announce a specific launching and release dates for “Pokemon Sun and Moon,” the tease clearly indicates that both will happen this year as Game Freak cited that everything comes together in 2016, notes Yibada.

The “Pokemon Sun and Moon” game will come to the Nintendo 3DS gaming console and the speculations are rife that it could officially come out during the Holidays of 2016.

But before gamers ultimately feel bad about the push back in the release date of “Pokemon Z,” there are also reports saying that Zygarde will actually be part of the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” game. The same goes for both Volcanion and Mangearna, who are likely to have crucial roles to play on the Sun and Moon storylines.

While there is no confirmation from Game Freak, what seems clear is that most of the characters speculated to headline “Pokemon Z” shall also be part of “Pokemon Sun and Moon,” which sort of makes the latter game as a prologue of the former.

There are also reports that say that “Pokemon Sun and Moon” could also involve the presence of Xerneas and Yveltal, the lead characters in the predecessor game “Pokemon X and Y.” However, it is not clear how the two characters will play out in the new game and mix it up with the likes of Zygarde, Volcanion, and Mangearna.

‘Pokemon Rainbow’

There are also rumors that say that Game Freak might launch a new title later this year vice “Pokemon Z” and it is not going to be “Pokemon Sun and Moon” but “Pokemon Rainbow.”

According to MetalDave of Ninten Gen, a marketing employee of Nintendo of America claimed that in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise this year, “Pokemon Rainbow” will be launched.

The marketing employee revealed that an internal US marketing budget and scheduling overview for 2016 focusing on Wii U and 3DS indicate the launching of the “Pokemon Rainbow.”

It is not clear if “Pokemon Rainbow” is an entirely different game from “Pokemon Sun and Moon” because some gamers are saying that “Pokemon Rainbow” is to be the version of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” in America. However, until a confirmation or denial is made by Game Freak or The Pokemon Company, everything about the connection between the two rumored games are just speculation at this time and should be taken with a pinch of salt, cites Crossmap.

Still under development

Early in February, reports started coming out that “Pokemon Z” is unlikely to come out this year because the game is still under development. But since developer Game Freak, a subsidiary of The Pokemon Company, has yet to confirm whether the game will come out this year or not, everything at this point remains as speculation.

According to a source, the development of “Pokemon Z” is still at its early stages at this time so it is nearly impossible for Game Freak to be able to release the game to the Nintendo gaming console anytime soon.

Some gamers believe that the latest reports do not jibe with the promotions recently made by Game Freak and The Pokemon Company about “Pokemon Z.” In fact, a full-length feature on “Pokemon Z” was recently published by the Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro where it showed all the five forms of Zygarde and how he appears to be a fusion of two legendary characters of “Pokemon X and Y,” Xerneas and Yveltal.

pokemon z

Based on the same article, Zygarde is described as one of the legendary Pokemon that possesses a dual type of character and traits such as the Dragon and Ground Creator. He is expected to be the main element of “Pokemon Z.”

According to the latest reports, while “Pokemon Z” may not come out this year, the mobile augmented reality game “Pokemon Go” is already good to go and it is likely to come out during the first quarter of 2016.

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