PlayStation 4 Upcoming 4.50 Update Not Allowing Multiple External Hard Disk Drives Dismay Many Gamers!

The long-awaited external HDD feature of the PlayStation 4 officially called as the PS4 4.50 Update is now undergoing its beta testing phase.

However, some gamers were dismayed to find out that the update does not allow for multiple external hard disk drives (HDDs) because it is locked to a single hard drive at once.

The limitation of the feature is something of a letdown, especially considering that the Xbox One allows for multiple hard drives to be used simultaneously, reports COG Connected.

On one hand, the average consumer probably doesn’t need multiple drives for all of their PS4 games. On the other hand, PS4 games are really big. All modern games are, especially the AAA titles, which normally requires between 40GB and 50GB of space. In fact, even a 2TB hard drive does not seem that big when every file is 40GB.

Could still be improved

It should be noted however that the PlayStation 4 update is still in beta so there’s a possibility that it will further change especially if Sony gets hold of all the feedbacks from gamers.

But if it does not, there’s still a glimmer of hope for gamers fighting against their ever-shrinking hard drive space.

As detailed by Sony early this month, the external HDD support allows a gamer to plug a USB 3.0 HDD of up to 8TB into the PlayStation 4, giving him more space for applications.

In a new update to the info post, Sony added, that the user’s save files are still stored locally on the PS4 HDD. Only games and applications are stored externally.

In setting up the external hard drive, one should go to Settings, go to Devices, then select USB Storage Devices. Choose the external HDD that one hooked up to his PS4, format it, then follow the instructions. Afterward, it will show up as extended storage in the Storage menu.

One thing to be aware of with external HDD support is that there’s currently a Rest Mode issue. As one user on Reddit explains, the gamer which has an external drive connected and he has his PS4’s power saving settings configured to put his console into rest mode after a certain amount of inactivity, so when he turns his PS4 back on from rest mode it acts like it has been turned off without safely disconnecting the drive and it has to repair.

The issue has been reported to Sony, so gamers are hoping it will be fixed before the official public release of the PS4 Update 4.50, reports the PlayStation Lifestyle.

Having difficulty catching up with the PS4

Meanwhile, as of December last year, the PlayStation 4 has sold almost 50 million units since it was launched in November 2013.

While Sony had high hopes for the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is an upgrade of the PlayStation 4, since it was launched in September last year, the new gaming console got a lukewarm reception instead from gamers when it officially made it to the market on November 10.

Although it was not a total disappointment, the sales figures of the PS4 Pro was way below what Sony had expected it to be.

Sony has positioned the PS4 Pro as a high-spec PS4 so they were expecting that given the influx of new games during the recent holidays, more gamers will take advantage of the great features of the new console because of its excellent compatibility with the latest video games.

The Japanese gaming company has not officially revealed any PS4 Pro-specific sales numbers since the product was officially released to the market.

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