PlayStation 4 Pro Ready to Get Boost Mode, 4.50 Firmware Update Adds External Drive Support Too

Some of the older games will get more pep after a firmware update to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. The Boost Mode, which will come in the 4.50 firmware update version will most possibly speed up the frame rates and also the load times on some titles which were launched before the PS4 Pro. Games which come with a variable frame rate will benefit from a greater frame rate and in some of the games, load times will be shorter as well.

The GPU and Clock Speed will be revved up, but it won’t be happening automatically. You need to activate the mode to get things going inside the Systems menu.

Sony didn’t clearly inform which titles would be benefiting from this, but it is safe to assume that Boost Mode will not apply to games which were patched specifically for added PS4 Support. However, this new feature can make games like The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne a little smoother to look at.

People might appreciate the feature, but it can signal that the game developers are not going back to have their older games patched for the PS4 Pro in the numbers that Sony had earlier hoped.

Originally, it was told by Sony that games would be playing on PS4 Pro exactly in the same way that they play on the PS4 unless the particular title was patched to grab hold of the full capabilities of the PS4 Pro.

Besides Boost Mode, the 4.50 update has no official launch yet. It will provide support to up to 8 terabytes on an external storage drive, connected through USB 3.0. It will also have a quick, accessible menu along with custom wallpapers as well.

Recently, Sony started rolling out the firmware 4.50 update and with it came a host of new features and several of them user-facing changes. External hard drive support along with custom wallpapers are getting a lot of attention from the PS4 team, but they didn’t talk much about the new Boost Mode available for the new console.

According to some leaked screenshots and videos from users who are using the latest beta, the PS4 Pro will enhance the performance of some older titles without needing any official patches from the developers. You can just toggle on the Boost Mode and games will start taking advantage of some of the additional horsepowers that are available on the Pro.

Officially, PS4 Pro runs the optimized PS4 titles almost in the same manner as they would be running on the base PS4. The CPU is clocked down, and around half of the GPU is totally unused. It means that all PS4 titles should be operating without any quirks at all.

Therefore, allowing these non-optimized games to run without the protections in place means that boost mode can lead to some unexpected behavior. The complications appear to be quite minor, but they will be in store for some better frame rates for some of the older releases, similar to what we see on the Xbox One S.

Your Playstation 4 Pro's about to get boost mode, 8TB of HDD support

In case the beta goes sideways, it will be easy to imagine Sony holding off on the functionality aspect. Meanwhile, a PlayStation representative confirmed the Boost Mode to Polygon due to which it seems rather inevitable at this point of time.

Besides that, some changes were announced by Sony which is all slated for the next coming update. The most important of them all is that the USB 3.0 hard drives up to 8 terabytes can be used for the storage of games. One needs to plug it in, have the drive formatted, and they will be able to keep many more games installed all at once.

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