PlayStation 4 Jailbreak Code Allows Hackers to Load Linux on the Orbit OS of the Game Console and Possibly Come Up with New Exploits!

When the PlayStation 4 was reportedly jailbroken not too long ago, it has become the preoccupation of some hackers to find and develop new ways on how to jailbreak Sony’s current generation gaming console in the least complicated manner possible.

Just recently, the famous hacker group called FailOverFlow has released a kexec-style code on its GitHub page that allows other experienced hackers to load Linux on the Orbit OS.

Orbit OS is the main operating system of the PlayStation 4 and it is based on the PC operating system Linux. Once Linux and its kernel code is loaded on the already jailbroken PlayStation 4, hackers can find possible new exploits on how to jailbreak the gaming console, notes N4BB.

The code that FailOverFlow has given is only meant to serve as access and the rest is for the really good hackers to capitalize once they are into the PS4 system.

In short, the hacker group did not make available its exploit in public. It just showed off a hacked PS4 which was running Linux. They also displayed the footage of the console playing a Pokemon ROM through an emulator.

The group refuses to release their PlayStation 4 Jailbreak but instead announced that they would release their PS4 Linux patches for other hackers to capitalize and work on from there, notes Neurogadget.

Not making the PS4 jailbreak public

Although there have been a number of reports of PlayStation 4 Jailbreak, but there are no actual hacks yet that have been made available to the public.

There has been plenty of progress on the PlayStation 4 Jailbreak since the start of the year and several individuals or hacker groups have claimed to have hacked the gaming console but none of them have released their exploits and share them with other users.

Early last month, there was also a report that came out saying that Sony’s current generation gaming console can be jailbroken using the Cobra USB game emulator.

The team of hackers, who call themselves as H3ck34, made the disclosure but since their exploit has yet to be validated, there are those saying that it could be fake.

The Cobra Team is currently working on a PS Vita project. If the rumored emulator is real, then it would allow PlayStation 4 users to run homebrew apps and play pirated games on their gaming console.

Reports have it that the USB dongle will be released on February 20 and be sold for $70 to $100. However, the day has come and gone and the add-on device has yet to come out so the previous reports were inaccurate.

Homebrew apps on the PS4

The PlayStation 4 jailbreak was actually achieved by a developer using a kernel exploit that can be found in the PlayStation firmware version 1.76.

It was developer CTurt who posted on his Twitter account that he was successful in jailbreaking the PlayStation 4 by using a FreeBSD kernel exploit to attain the jailbreak. The jailbreak can dump system RAM used by other processes in the PS4, which means that custom firmware can be installed.

playstation 4

While the jailbreak works with the 1.76 version of the PS4 firmware, it can also be made to run on a newer firmware.

Apart from allowing unauthorized third-party homebrew apps and cracked games on the PS4, it will also make older PlayStation games work on the PlayStation 4.

Of course, the jailbreak does not sit well with Sony but just like what Apple informed its users who want to jailbreak their iOS devices several years ago, there is a risk in going through with the procedure for PS4 users.

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