Peyton Manning Agrees to $4 Million Pay Cut Just to Stay with the Denver Broncos!

Five-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning has technically admitted that he is past his prime when the veteran quarterback agreed to a $4 million pay cut just to stay with his team, the Denver Broncos, for the next NFL season.

Despite the hefty pay cut, Manning will still remain the highest-paid Denver Bronco in 2015. The 38-year-old quarterback agreed to the $4 million pay cut to enable the team to make good in the free agency, reports MSN News.

The cut would allow Broncos general manager John Elway to have enough room for the team’s salary cap to run after big name players in the free agency who can join Peyton Manning and give the Denver football team a good shot at making it to the Super Bowl next year.

It was easy for Manning to decide on the pay cut since he was hobbled by a quadriceps injury during much of last year’s campaign and that the team managed to find better alternatives to quarterback for the team during his absence.

That’s in addition to the fact that Elway also used the same ploy late in his career, which enabled him and his team to win the Super Bowl. He just convinced Manning to consider the idea because it may work for him too.

Change is never easy

John Elway said that the decision of Peyton Manning is a win-win solution for quarterback and the Denver Broncos. He said that Manning will no longer be throwing the ball 50 or 55 times like he used to.

Peyton will be alternating with the young quarterbacks which should be good for the team and good for him as a player because that would also help ensure his longevity in the league.

New Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said that they will have a great system for any quarterback but it is even more helpful to those who are already in their twilight years, referring to Manning of course.

It would be a difficult adjustment for Manning because change has never been easy especially the fact that he will return to the Denver Broncos that was dramatically different from the one he last played with in January.

Manning will be adapting to the team’s new offensive pattern under Kubiak and new offensive coordinator Rich Dennison. He will also have to get along and establish new rhythm with the new faces on the Broncos.

The five-time MVP is optimistic that receivers Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders will be back with the team. But slot receiver Wes Welker is unlikely to return.

peyton manning

The Denver Broncos need to maximize the $4 million savings that they got from Manning’s salary by working to keep free agent Julius Thomas, with whom Manning has connected for 24 touchdown in the past two years, and also defensive tackle Terrance Knighton, who was Peyton’s fellow team captain last season.

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