‘PES 2016’ to Showcase Many On-Field Advances and Features that Gamers are Sure to Enjoy!

The football simulation video game “Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016” will officially launch to the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, and the PC on September 15, one week ahead of its direct competitor “FIFA 16.”

Based on its gameplay demo alone, critics and gamers were one in saying that “PES 2016” is several notches better than “FIFA 16,” and it would be interesting to see if the video game developed by Konami will be able to lure the loyal gamers of the “FIFA” franchise developed by EA Sports.

According to Gamer’s Hell, “PES 2016” would not just give gamers a great gaming experience, players will also be able to build their dream football team, level up the skills of their star players, and also create their legacy in the game.

The outlet was also all praises for the gameplay demo of “PES 2016,” saying that it offers a perfect snapshot of the many on-field advances that Konami has incorporated into the game to make it more fun and enjoyable to gamers.

Soundtrack for ‘PES 2016’

Konami has recently revealed the soundtrack for “PES 2016” which includes the iconic stadium anthem “We Will Rock You” by the equally iconic rock band Queen.

The full soundtrack of the game features 13 songs including suitably upbeat tracks of the New Wave Generation including “Lifted Up” by Passion Pit, which came out in 1985, and “Somebody New” by Joywave, details Gamespot.

Other tracks include “After the Disco” by Broken Bells, “In Harmony” by Asgeir, “Elevate” by St. Lucia, “Figure It Out” by Royal Blood, “My Type (Radio Edit)” by Saint Motel, “When We Were Young (featuring The Chain Gang of 1974)” by Dillon Francis and Sultan and Ned Shepard, “Rather Be” by the Clean Bandit, “You’re On (featuring Kyan)” by Madeon, “Shine On” by Vinyl Theater, and “Love in the Past, Play the Future” by CTS.

Drawing first blood

“PES 2016” has drawn first blood against its fiercest competitor in the football simulation video game market, the “FIFA 16.”

Many gamers believe that “PES 2016” looks stunning and based on its gameplay demo, it is sure to be the toughest match yet for the “FIFA” franchise since emerging as the runaway leader in the genre.

The “PES” franchise was the king of football simulation video games but was dethroned by “FIFA” in the last decade with a series of brilliant improvements to its version.

However, Konami seems to have taken the better out of the EA Sports last year with the “PES 2015” and it looks like it will continue with its effort to dethrone “FIFA” and reclaim the throne it once held with the amazing “PES 2016.”

After the Gamescom 2015, Konami has already made the gameplay demo of “PES 2016” available for download on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

It looks like EA Sports is working on some last-minute adjustments on its football simulation video game after reports and reviews came out that “FIFA 16” was an undermatch to “PES 2016.”

The “PES 2016” gameplay demo gives gamers the option to play either a seven-minute or 10-minute match with a small selection of teams including Roma, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Corinthians, Palmeiras, and the national teams of Brazil and France.

pes 2016

When the gameplay demo of “PES 2016” was unveiled, some gamers and critics said that the football simulation video game is running 1080p resolution on the Xbox One.

As “PES 2016” was developed by Konami using the same engine as that of “Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain,” gamers of the latter game thought it would also have the same 1080p resolution on Xbox One.


  1. I am eagerly awaiting this game,i used to be a die hard fifa player and even defended it when people tried to tell me that PES was better but since trying 15,i have been hooked,PES has the most amazing life like gameplay and animations i have seen in a football game!Only downfall is the commentary and presentation but “shit that gameplay is sweet”!!!

  2. I used to be with PES back in the day but it looked like they relaxed and FIFA took over. I have been with FIFA since 2010 and they have been in steady decline. What we have with PES is potentially the best footy game I have ever witnessed. As Kent said, the presentations and commentary could be better. But in terms of gameplay itself, this year PES has no equal.

    This may push EA to pull their finger out and stop copying and pasting different iterations of the franchise!

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