‘PES 2016’ Gameplay Footage Shows that it is More Fluid than its Predecessor

The football simulation video game “Pro Evolution Soccer 2016” or “PES 2016” from Konami Productions will be hitting the video game shelves in September this year, about the same time as its direct competitor “FIFA 16.”

Because gamers and fans are given a choice on which football simulation video game they are going to choose once “PES 2016” and “FIFA 16” are officially out, the comparisons between the two cannot be helped at all; the internet has plenty of those these days.

While “FIFA 16” has the gamer numbers safely in its favor, it seems that “PES 2016” will be coming on real strong given the improvements in its gameplay and graphics made by Konami.

EA Sports, the developer of “FIFA 16,” on the other hand, focused on gameplay improvements for the latest iteration of its football simulation video game.

The good news for gamers is that based on the gameplay trailer of “PES 2016” that was shown last month at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015 by Konami, the game is not only impressive, it actually offered vast improvements from its predecessor, “PES 2015,” in terms of its fluid gameplay, according to Total Sportek.

In addition, “PES 2016” also offers more unique playing styles compared to “FIFA 16,” despite latest reports that EA Sports has just incorporated Lionel Messi’s signature ‘No Touch Dribbling’ move into the upcoming game.

Pitting the two football simulation video games head-to-head based on their gameplay trailers, it seems like “PES 2016” got the better of “FIFA 16” although it is most likely that EA Sports will make further improvements to its game before its official roll out late in September.

The superior product

While the “FIFA” video game franchise seems to have more gamers all around the world, Konami’s football simulation video game is decidedly the superior product because of its better game mechanics and quite certainly more fun for gamers, notes Engadget.

However, EA Sports just have plenty of marketing and promotional resources in its arsenal compared to Konami, including the exclusive licensing deals for major football leagues all over the world, thus giving the “FIFA” franchise an advantage over the “PES” titles in terms of pulling power and sales.

“PES 2016” is no different from its predecessor in terms of superiority over its upcoming counterpart. Based on the recent release of its game trailer, “PES 2016” actually featured refined gameplay and improved graphics which give it an instant edge over “FIFA 16.”

Based on initial feedbacks of gamers who got the opportunity to test play it, “PES 2016” exceeded gamer expectations punctuated by its smoother gameplay and better-looking and crisper graphics when compared to its immediate predecessor, the “PES 2015.”

In an indirect swipe at its competitor, Konami said that the main focus of “PES 2016,” just like its predecessors in the video game series, is football and not licenses. A spokesman for the company said that Konami has been directing its attention on the gameplay and graphics and nothing else.

More freedom and creativity

The upcoming soccer video game gives gamers more freedom for creativity in controlling their team making it easier for them to accomplish more dribbles with players who have that as a skill set like Neymar, who shall be the cover boy for “PES 2016.”

pes 2016

In addition to refined gameplay, Konami has also enhanced the celebrations for scoring goals and game victories and gamers can really expect that the graphics of the game will aid them in celebrating in fashion whenever they score a goal, and much more if they win games. There’s also a plus with the addition of the signature selfie of Francesco Totti.


  1. I feel PES is a better game all around than FiFa but I would also like to see Konami add lot more stadiums, more real player faces, and more team licenses, the gameplay and graphics are fantastic but to say that they are only into improving that, is just stupid! They have that down pat, and they should really look into adding more teams, leagues, stadiums, etc… We all want sports games to be as real as they can get and that is where Konami fails!

    1. It is hard for Konami to get the licenses, EA bid crazy amounts for the licences and Konami can not outbid them and make a profit.

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